Managing waste storage

Much of the litter we see around the area can be traced to poor storage arrangements. These commercial bins in back Front Street were overloaded to point when rubbish was likely to be blown around the area.
Little Green Lane garage area looking overgrown and neglected again

On a more positive note, we were pleased to see that the Ashbourn Place gate access to the Foxwood Park has been repaired, following action by local Councillor Stephen Fenton

Foxwood park gates
We’ve reported again the weeds growing on footpaths in the Dijon Avenue/Kir Crescent area. The weed treatment programme this summer has been better than happened last year, but some locations have been missed.
Also disappointing to see that the Severus Street back lane is subject to dumping and overgrowth.
Meanwhile thanks to the efforts of parishioners and volunteers most of the St Stephens churchyard continues to provide an oasis of calm in the heart of Acomb village. The Roseday Avenue end is difficult to keep tidy in the fast growing conditions which we are currently experiencing. No doubt the church would appreciate having more volunteers.

Cycle path cleared of obstructions

Its taken a long time, but the cycle path on Tadcaster Road (A1036) has finally been cleared of obstructions. A one metre margin has been cut and the worst of the overgrowing branches have been trimmed.

The Council still needs to apply some weed killer where grass is breaking through tde surface of the path.

There really needs to be an inspection regime put in place to avoid problems in the future on this, and other, dedicated paths.

“Cut your hedge”, say York Council

The Council has tweeted today asking people to ensure that any boundary hedges are trimmed back from public roads and paths. They say this will help with “social distancing”.

The Council is right to do so.

Many people will have time to undertake the chore during the bank holiday weekend.

The Council also rightly asks hedge owners to be careful not to disturb any birds which may be nesting in the hedge.

Hedges overgrowing back lanes are a particular issue in some areas

Meanwhile there has been rapid grass growth this week with several verges and amenity areas becoming overgrown. We have reported several.

Some cul de sacs are in need of a “deep clean”
Weed growth in Holgate Beck could affect drainage flows during periods of heavy rain

Path obstructions hinder social distancing

The Council has started to put signs out warning about upcoming road resurfacing schemes in areas like Tadcaster Road, Nunnery Lane and James Street.

Unfortunately some of the signs are blocking footpaths making “social distancing” more difficult.

Council signs blocking footpaths on Tadcaster Road

Some Councillors have promised to take up the issue but really a more fundamental change is needed.

Signs could be place on lampposts at a height that would inconvenience no one while being clearer to all road and path users.

Weed growth and faded signage on neglected cycle paths near A1237 at Clifton Moor

There are also increasing problems with paths being blocked by overgrown hedges while weed growth go unchecked on the path surfaces.

Social distancing difficult on the River Ouse cycle/foot path near Scarborough bridge

There are concerns that some locations, which had problems with weed growth in 2019, have again been omitted from this year’s treatment programme.

No sign of weed “die back” on Tadcaster Road cycle track

There is little evidence of “die back” on some routes despite the first treatment cycle having finished.

Overgrown hedges have blocked the footpath at Clifton Moor
Carriageway and cycle lane impeded also at Clifton Moor

Road repairs promised, Foxwood residents key workers tribute

Dringhouses Councillor Stephen Fenton tells us that the Council have agreed to fill in the potholes on the Askham Lane approach to the A1237 roundabout. Last week the highways department claimed there was no need for any work!
Foxwood Residents Association gardeners (Foxgloves) have unveiled a tribute to key workers in the communal garden at the community centre.
Residents are being asked to check that boundary hedges are not intruding onto public footpaths
Thorn hedge branches which are impeding the Tedder Road – Cornlands Road snicket have been reported for a second time.
Bulky waste removal service recommences tomorrow (Monday). Details on Council web site.

Recycling centres to reopen?

Speculation is mounting that the government will ask local Councils to reopen civic amenity (recycling) sites where they have been closed. York’s Hazel Court facility has been closed for several weeks now – something which has been a particular issue since green waste bin emptying was also suspended. There are problems with fly tipping in some neighbourhoods.

Several local authorities have kept their amenity sites open and have also continued green waste collections.

Elsewhere some other public services such as street cleaning have generally been improved since the lockdown with hand sweeping being reintroduced on some estates.

We’ve reported several issues for attention

The carcass of a dead badger has been left on the A64 road margin for about a week now. Cleansing responsibilities on trunk roads are shared between local authorities and Highways England but no one has so far sorted out what may become a health issue.
Nearby there is a lot of tree detritus on the A64 cycle path. Makes “social distancing” more difficult. Highways England claims that the York Council is responsible for cleansing this and other similar paths.
We’re still awaiting the first sustained rainfall of this spring. When it comes you can expect hedges to grow quickly. This one near London Bridge on Tadcaster Road is already impeding the path. It has been reportsd to the York Council.
Not just hedges, This tree on Thanet Road is obstructing the cycle path.

NB. We have been told that the York Council will be publishing its highway programme for the current year “in the near future”.

Keeping cycle paths open

We’ve reached the time of year when hedge growth can begin to block cycle and footpaths. Fortunately, because many are currently working from home at the present time, domestic hedges should be getting regular attention (subject to protecting nesting birds). The lack of a green waste bin emptying service is, of course, an issue that will need to be resolved.

It is less clear what resources the Council will be able to deploy to keep on top of public hedges.

In the meantime it may be down to volunteers.

Thorn branches trimmed from cycle track entrance

We trimmed back thorn branches today from the cycle track at the top of Askham Bryan Lane. They were growing at eye height and represented a potential hazard for both cyclists and walkers.

However it is probably expecting too much to depend on a purely voluntary effort to trim overgrowth.

For some time we have suggested that there is a need to appoint a couple of Path Wardens. They  would be responsible (in summer) for ensuring that there were no obstructions for either cyclists or pedestrians. They could also fill in potholes and repaint markings while keeping signage and other infrastructure in good condition.

 In winter they could help with de-icing.

Whether the Council can rebalance its budget, when the present crisis if over, to give greater priority to maintenance issues like these remains to be seen.

In the meantime, residents should continue to report incidents where obstructions represent a hazard for path users.