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Our Lady’s school site latest

Below are the latest planning applications received by the York Council for the Westfield Ward.

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Location:       16 Ashford Place York YO24 4QU

Proposal:       Erection of single storey extension extending 3.55 metres beyond the rear wall of the original house, with a height to the eaves of 2.1 metres and a total height of 2.5 metres

Ref No: 14/01035/LHE

Applicant:      Mr Guler        Contact Mr Jeff Carrington      Consultation Expiry Date        27 May 2014 Case Officer:   Carolyn Howarth Expected Decision Level DEL


Our Lady’s school site Windsor Garth

Details of the Section 106 agreement for the development of the site have now been published.

They reveal that of the 55 properties to be built on the site, 20 will be for social rent (housing association) while 21 will be at an “affordable” rent (usually 80% of the market rent).

click for more information

click for more information

The agreement allows the developer to pay a commuted sum to the Council instead of providing – through a social landlord – the rented accommodation on site.

The landlord is obliged to offer a free bus pass or free bicycle to the first occupier of the dwelling. Each property will have an external power socket to allow the recharging of electric vehicles.

The agreement also specifies the working hours for the site but is vague about access routes and – critically – to what extent plant will be allowed to move around Hob Moor itself.


Hob Moor development gets go ahead

Hungate, Askham Bryan, Terry’s, Lawrence Street also approved

Approved plan for Hob Moor site click to enlarge

Approved plan for Hob Moor site click to enlarge

The controversial house building plans for the former Our Lady’s school site on Windsor Garth were approved by the Planning Committee last night. It appears though that the scheme may now be referred to the Secretary of State for his views.

Although the revised plans were an improvement on those originally submitted, it remains a very dense development which will add further pressures to public services in the area.

No provision has been made to provide additional parking spaces for those vehicles which will be displaced from the access road.

Astonishingly no restrictions were imposed by the committee on the use of tracked plant outside the line of the existing railings, opening up the possibility that – in wet conditions – parts of the Moor adjacent to the site might be subject to severe damage.

Although most of the existing metal railings area now being retained – allowing the existing trees and bushes to remain in place as a visual screen – on the north side of the site a new wooden fence will be installed.

No reason has been given for replacing the railings with this inferior fence, which is likely to provide less security for both residents and the Moor.


The committee also approved development plans for offices in Hungate (Haymarket car park), an extension to Askham Bryan College, detailed design features on the Terry’s site as well as the provision of new student accommodation on Lawrence Street.

Our Lady’s Hob Moor development – revised proposals received by Council

Most of the metal railings and screen planting protecting the Our Lady’s development site will be retained under new proposals received by the Council.

click to access

click to access

Yorkshire Housing have submitted revised proposals for the development of the Our Ladys site following the deferral of their application at the last planning committee meeting.

They can be viewed on the “Planning on Line” web site under reference 13/02892/FULM

The plans involve the retention of most of the perimeter railings although in one key section on the northern boundary (where security and landscape appearance are sensitive issues) they propose to remove them. The new fencing is described as being at “a lower level”

No justification for removing the railings from this section is included in the papers.

This raises the concern that the developers hope to move plant onto the site via Hob Moor itself. This could result in damage which would take decades to repair.

The existing, and supplemented, shrubs and trees along the boundary would be protected by a post and rail fence.

click to access plans

click to access plans

The new proposals result in the loss of one housing unit meaning that 55 are now likely to be built on the site. This is still a lot more than the 29 units which were included in the draft Local Plan when it was published in April.

The appearance of the homes is little changed.

A small play ground aimed at young children, plus an area of Public Open Space, is now included towards the north west of the development.

There have been changes to the road layout

However no changes to the “sustainability” of the development are proposed.

The architect has written to the Council to say that “My client has carried out exhaustive viability appraisals on the site; however, the jump to Code level 4 on this development cannot be achieved.

As you are aware the site was purchased on the open market in competition with Private developers who would be delivering the minimum Affordable housing across the site at Code 3.

We are policy compliant at code 3 and offering a much improved level of affordable housing with the required 10% renewables”.

Have a higher “sustainability” rating would mean that the homes were cheaper to run.

Windsor Garth development proposals put on hold

Our Lady's school site

Our Lady’s school site

The proposal to build 56 additional homes on the site of the former Our Lady’s school on Windsor Garth was tonight deferred for further consideration.

Concerns were expressed about the high density of the layout, the lack of play facilities or community space, the poor sustainability features of the homes plus the need to retain the existing metal security railings.

It is likely that a refined design will be submitted to a Planning Committee meeting next year.

York Labour Councillors reveal cunning plan?

Site capacity for new homes - draft Local Plan. click to enlarge

Site capacity for new homes – draft Local Plan. click to enlarge

Labour Councillor Dave Merrett seems to have overstepped accepted guidelines when welcoming a planning application for the Our Lady’s school site.

He was quoted in the local paper as supporting a plan to build 56 homes on the site – almost double the number allocated in the Local Plan that Cllr Merrett approved in the spring.

If approved at the meeting on 21st November, the proposal would mean that the green space, school nature reserve and children’s playground will all be lost.

Normally executive Councillors avoid commenting publicly on planning applications once they have been submitted. They allow normal consultation with residents to take place before a cross party planning committee meeting decides on the merits of each proposal.

A public intervention by an executive Councillor could be deemed to be putting undue pressure on the planning officers who work in his department and who will author reports recommending approval or rejection of an application.

Officials are understood to have said already that the density on the development – at 82 homes per hectare based on the existing built footprint- is in excess of what would normally be permitted in a sub-urban location.

Meanwhile the Council Leader is also interfering in the planning processes.

Following on from his public opposition to converting unused shops into residential accommodation, he told the last Council meeting, when questioned about the higher number of housing units coming forward on brownfield sites that,

sessions site

sessions site

“the important distinction between the positions of the Liberal Democrats, and the Conservatives it has to be said, is that the other parties believe those living in central wards should have housing built on any spare piece of land anywhere near them and outer wards should continue to enjoy protection against any development anywhere near them”.

“The truth is housing should be built in both central and outer areas where it can be shown to contribute to tackling the city’s housing crisis at the same time as protecting residents’ local amenity”.

In fact over recent months it is central area sites that are seeing high densities proposed with Our Lady’s school only the latest in a long line which includes the former Press offices in Walmgate, the Burnholme club and several dozen others.

The Council Leader may, however, be confused about what constitutes “central wards”.

NB. The Planning committee will consider next week a proposal to build 59 homes on the former Sessions site on Huntington Road. Of these 20% will be “affordable”

The density of the proposed development is just over 32 dwellings per hectare, and would be more densely developed than the surrounding residential areas. However this figure appears to be in conflict with the figures shown in the draft Local Plan.

The draft Local plan showed only 17 homes being built on this (0.47 hectare) site

Latest planning applications – 56 home plan for Our Lady’s site submitted, Greggs optimistic about weather

Below are the latest planning applications received by the York Council for the Acomb and Westfield wards. Full details can be found by clicking the application reference below

Ref No: 13/02867/FUL
Location: 136 Boroughbridge Road York YO26 6AL
Proposal: Change of use of ground floor to mixed use A1 (retail), A2 (financial and professional services) and B1a (offices) use class, retrospective creation of additional office to first floor and retrospective erection of conservatory to rear
Applicant: Mr Michael Beaufoy Consultation Expiry Date: 30 September 2013 Case Officer: Erik Matthews Expected Decision Level: DEL


Our Lady's school site. Click to see planning application

Our Lady’s school site. Click to see planning application

Ref No: 13/02892/FULM
Location: Our Ladys R C Primary School Windsor Garth York YO24 4QW
Proposal: Erection of 56 no. two storey dwellings and associated works
Applicant: Mr Joel Owen Contact Mr Mark Skeels Consultation Expiry Date 9 October 2013 Case Officer: Erik Matthews Expected Decision Level COMP

Ref No: 13/02874/FUL
Location: Greggs 5 Odsal House Front Street York YO24 3BL
Proposal: Use of highway for siting of tables and chairs in connection with existing baker’s shop
Applicant: Mrs Sara Humphries Consultation Expiry Date 30 September 2013 Case Officer: Erik Matthews Expected Decision Level DEL

Ref No: 13/02981/TPO
Location: 14 Askham Croft York YO24 3FD
Proposal: Prune Chestnut (T3,T4), Trees protected by Tree Preservation Order
Applicant: Mr David Morris Consultation Expiry Date 30 September 2013 Case Officer: Esther Priestley Expected Decision Level DEL

Representations can be made in favour of, or in objection to, any application via the Planning on line web site.

NB. The Council now no longer routinely consults neighbours by letter when an application is received.