Pothole blight

It is disappointing to see that some potholes – many deep enough to pose a hazard for cyclists – are not being filled in quickly by the Council.

Residents were told that an additional pothole filling team would reduce the time taken to deal with this issue, but apparently this isn’t the case.

We hope that the Council is on top of seasonal issues with path side nettles and thorn bushes. These are a hazard for pedestrians. They need to be treated before they obstruct public footpaths

York Council tackling nettles.

Contractors were out today removing nettle growth from the side of the Foxwood Lane footpath.

Contractors in action on Foxwood Lane

The nettles had been a nuisance during the late summer period although not, this year, as bad as in some previous years.

Mechanical treatment – often by local farmers – is usually an efficient and economical way of controlling weeds and cutting back hedges.

Meanwhile a Freedom of Information request has revealed that this year weed control contractors have only been paid part of the £37,020.89 value of the contract. The response says that £18,498.70 has so far been paid during the current year.

The response does reveal the amounts paid to specialist weed control contractors over the last 9 years.

Weeds blocking public footpath in Windsor Garth reported again this week
  • 2019/20 – A. Morrison’s & Sons £37,020.89.
  • 2018/19 – Munroe’s – £31,189
  • 2017/18 – Munroe’s – £31,189
  • 2016/17 – Munroe’s – £31,189
  • 2015/16 – Munroe’s – £27,192
  • 2014/15 – Dobsons – £68,538
  • 2013/14 – Dobsons – £66,867
  • 2012/13 – Nomix Enviro – £69,792
  • 2011/12 – Nomix Enviro – £79,036

Interestingly the York Council, in the Spring, accepted a tender the value of which was only half that submitted in 2011.

It was later discovered that the list of streets to be treated was incomplete.

There have been chronic problems with weed control during the summer and, as we reported a few days ago, many streets still require attention.

York Council tackles nettle threat

The Council has acted promoted to remove nettles which were impeding Foxwood Lane. Reported on 2nd October the nettles were removed today.

Nettles removed from Foxwood Lane Not so good is the entrance to Hob Moor from Holly Bank Grove. It’s only October and the path is nearly impassible for pedestrians because of boggy ground. The Holgate Ward committee should take a leaf out of their counterparts in Westfield who arranged for improvements to a similar footpath access, to Acomb Wood from Hawkshead Close, over the summer.

We hope that the contractors, currently working on putting in new Toucan crossing signals at the junction of Kingsway West and Thanet Road, will take the time to resurface the carriageway hammerhead while plant is is the area. The surface is dangerous for cyclists

The same contractors may also be responsible for vehicle damage to the Thanet Road sports area. Bulbs were planted in the grassed area by residents groups over recent years.

It’s not just the York City centre that needs some weed killer!

We do increasingly wonder whether either Councillors or officials actually routinely check the quality of public services in some parts of the City?

Take the cycle/footpath which links Water Lane to Hazelnut Grove and Rawcliffe beyond.

It is obstructed with nettles, brambles and weeds. It has clearly not been swept for months?

We hope that even if the York Council ignores issues like these, residents will report them using the Fix My Street web site (as we have done today). Regular maintenance can make a big difference to the local environment

Detritus on Water Lane cycle opath

Detritus on Water Lane cycle path

Nettles impede Water Lane cycle path

Nettles impede Water Lane cycle path


Weather prompts hyper hedge growth rate in Foxwood!

We’ve reported a few more hedges in need of attention today https://www.fixmystreet.com/

Hedge Overgrowing Bellwood Drive snicket

Hedge Overgrowing Bellwood Drive snicket

Nettles blocking Greenwood Grove snicket

Nettles obstructing Greenwood Grove snicket

Litter in Spindle Close amenity area reported

Litter in Spindle Close amenity area reported

Bushes overgrowing footpath in Bellwood Drive

Bushes overgrowing footpath in Bellwood Drive

York Council tackles bus shelter blight

We are pleased to report that the Council has finally cleared the nettles, detritus and litter from the Askham Lane bus shelter. We’d reported the issues on several occasions. The bush that blocks passenger visibility of approaching buses has had a small amount of attention. We are hoping that the, self seeded, bush will be removed altogether when the bird nesting season is over.

bus shelter before and after

We’ve reported several other issues including dumping at the bus stop opposite. Issue are recorded on https://www.fixmystreet.com/

Detritus in Vincent Way hammerhead

Detritus in Vincent Way hammerhead

Weeds in gutters

Weeds in gutters

“Well, what did you expect, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?”

2 foot high weeds are now growing out of a bus shelter at the top of Foxwood Lane.


Nearby an overgrowing tree is blocking the public footpath while nettles from a neighbouring field are steadily reducing the width of the path over a distance of about 100 metres.

The issues have already been reported but it is disappointing that the York council has so far not indicated when weed treatment will start in the area.

The timeliness of any response will be one of the first tests for the new  “basic service standards first” approach of the new Council leadership