Love York – local man’s bid to become the City’s M.P.

Nick Love

Nick Love

 York Central Liberal Democrats tonight selected Nick Love to be their Prospective Parliamentary candidate for the forthcoming General Election in May 2015.

 Nick first came to York to study as a student at the now University of York St John in 1985 and has lived and worked in York ever since.

He has worked for an international software house for the last 15 years helping many UK companies optimise their operations with market leading software, with specific expertise within the Small to Medium Enterprise market and enabling them to grow their businesses.

In the last General Election in York Central, the Liberal Democrats were less than 7,000 votes behind the elected Member for Parliament, with over 25% of the vote. More recently in October, the Liberal Democrats won the Westfield by election in York Central, with the local candidate polling over 60% of the vote.

Nick says “I’m honoured to be have been chosen by the Liberal Democrats to fight to become the new MP for York Central in the most open contest since 1992. Most importantly the new MP should be York’s representative in Parliament.

Nick Love talks to party members following his selection as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate this evening

Nick Love talks to party members following his selection as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate this evening

That is the whole focus of my campaign: “Putting York First”.

I believe York needs someone without any previous political baggage as a serving councillor and someone with real life business experience, not a career politician; a long term resident of York who will champion this city and look after its best interests rather than their own self-interests; someone with a track record of community campaigning in and around York.

No candidate should become an MP just because of the colour of their party rosette. Safe seats are not good for democracy, but I believe that York residents this election will be looking to vote for the best individual for the job.

With my significant business experience I believe I can help attract more UK companies to choose York as their base and use to the position of an MP to champion local companies to the rest of the UK as a whole and open up government resources to them to help them expand.

I look forward to meeting York residents and businesses over the next 5 months and listening to their views on issues that directly affect them

At the last General Election held in 2010 the Liberal Democrats came within 7000 votes of taking the seat from well established local MP Hugh Bayley


To contact Nick  to volunteer to help with his campaign please call or email using the details below:

Mobile: 07864 872954

Contact Details:

Twitter: @nicklovesyork

Website is under construction – will go live in January 2015:



More pushing and jumping on York Labour ship – now Bayley quits


Helicopter for Bayley

Helicopter for Bayley

Today’s announcement that local York Central MP Hugh Bayley is to quit at next Mays General Election has taken many by surprise.

He has become something of a “fixture” on the York political scene over the last 20 years. As recently as last summer he said that he would seek another term of office.

Coming so soon after the resignation of the Labour Council Leader, it is inevitable that residents will put two and two together. The extent of the turmoil within the local Labour party is becoming increasingly obvious.

Ironically those  in the local Labour party who had positioned themselves to be Bayleys successor have recently been side-lined.

Scott left the Labour Council Group, Alexander is on his way to London under a cloud,  Williams has just taken on the Council’s Leadership while others have the odium of failure sitting on their shoulders following four tempestuous years on the York Council.

It is to be hoped that Labour do not try to parachute an outsider into the City.

As the Westfield by election showed, electors do not like to be taken for granted and they  are increasingly flexible in their voting choices.

Hugh Bayley became a generally respected figure in the City.  He did the routine MP jobs well but chose to locate himself predominantly in London. In later years he was increasingly slipping out of the York scene. He did not entirely evade the kind of criticism handed out to many MPs over issues like the expense claims. He was forced to make an apology over the Union Terrace sale issue and was not shy at accepting hospitality as he drifted into the celebrity circuit in later years.

He will be remembered though as a straight forward kind of person and has done enough for the City to deserve a positive niche in Yorks political history

NB. The York Central Liberal Democrats will be selecting a parliamentary candidate at a meeting being held 15th December. The party is expected to select a York resident to be its candidate in May.