Exercise during lockdown

Although group walks are banned during lockdown, there are a lot of options which can be followed on an individual basis in west York. Some are more taxing than others.

Move the Masses produces a map covering three routes in the Acomb area including one that crosses Bachelor Hill (see below).

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The same group also advertise routes which include Acomb Green (click) and Fishponds Wood (click)

Elsewhere the Westfield Ward Councillors have claimed on their Facebook page that the tree trunk, which currently blocks the Foxwood Lane access to Acomb Moor, will be moved “as soon as the ground dries out”.

Maybe so. But if this happens then we hope that walkers will restrict their movements to the perimeter of the field until the crop has been harvested.

One consequence of more people walking in the area is that the footpath infrastructure is deteriorating more quickly. There is a need for stiles to be repaired and for hardcore to be putdown at locations which are flooding.

Hardcore needed on some muddy sections of local footpaths

The Council has known about these pressures for some time and needs to reprioritise its leisure budgets to properly support healthy living routines.

COVID Grants – York fares poorly in handout to voluntary groups

Coronavirus Small Business Grant Fund - does your council have the correct  details?

The York Council has emailed residents telling them;

22 local charities will be receiving grants of up to £15,000, each from Two Ridings Community Foundation. This is to support their essential running costs over the next six months as they respond to the continuing double whammy of increased demand, and decreased fundraising caused by the Coronavirus crisis and lockdown. This funding is part of the £750 million pot announced by the Chancellor for frontline charities across the UK during the coronavirus outbreak.

These 22 awards, totalling £328,307 brings the amount distributed by Two Ridings in the last six months to £1,541,399!”

A full list can be read by clicking here

Unfortunately, only one York organisation is benefiting from a grant in this round.

 Move the Masses will get £14,950 in funding to “improve communication/marketing re: services/projects via website & social media updates. A new part of time member of staff is required for this”.

Move the Masses have promised to start a series of “Acomb Ambles” this month.

This would be welcomed by some. The York Council sponsored “York Health Walks” were suspended 6 months ago and show no signs of restarting. That is a shame as exercise and conversation can be an important antidote to feelings of isolation and depression.

Obviously the background to the health crisis has prompted new government restrictions as part of their reaction to  the “second wave”.  These come into force on Monday so there will be limits on what voluntary groups will actually be permitted to do..

Nevertheless, there are other organisations which need support not least those managing community centres which are a key part of life in parts of the City.

Coronavirus York updates: 28th April 2020

Deaths & Recoveries

A TOTAL of 111 patients with coronavirus have now died at York NHS trust hospitals – but more than 170 have been discharged after treatment. It said 69 patients had died at York Hospital, which is an increase of 19 on this day last week.

Home deliveries

A list of “local and independent food out lets near you” leaflet is currently being delivered by Royal Mail to all residents. The list is far from comprehensive particularly in west York. Ward Councillors should have taken responsibility for ensuring that all every store offering home delivery – including takeaways – was included.

NHS is open

There are concerns that fewer people contacting the NHS for non-coronavirus related conditions could create future problems.  As a result, the NHS are reminding people they are very much “open for business” and people should continue to contact them with any health problems they may have.

Residents should contact the NHS by phone or online in the first instance. We have attached key messages from the NHS. This document includes more information about the NHS “open for business” campaign, information on prescriptions, vaccinations, strokes, heart attack cancer and much more. Please share this information where possible.

  You can still contact your GP, 111 online or call 111 for help. If you are told to go to hospital, you must go so the NHS can give you the care you need. www.nhs.uk


Dentists have stopped providing routine dental care because of the coronavirus pandemic. If people are in need of urgent dental care they should first contact their usual dentist who should be able to triage them over the telephone and give appropriate advice. If they are not registered with a local dentist they need to contact NHS 111 for advice. Out of hours (evenings and weekends)  people should contact NHS 111.

Printed information for residents

The Council says that “our next resident direct mail focuses on health and wellbeing and should be arriving on doorsteps from Friday this week. It will also include a scam leaflet to offer residents advice on how to protect themselves from scams”.

Move the masses

One of the many incredible voluntary and community organisations we are working with is ‘Move the Masses.’

They have today released their latest figures of how much support they are offering across the city. In the past four and a half weeks they have:

  • Delivered 758 prescriptions
  • Made 116 hours worth of welfare calls
  • Paired up 156 people to receive calls and letters.

Their latest tweets are available at https://twitter.com/MTMcharity/status/1254701000197365760.

We pass on a number of call from our helpline to move the masses.  This is just one example of several incredible organisations working together to help and protect residents.

Ask a question at the daily government briefing

The government has announced that from today it will answer one question from a member of the public at the daily coronavirus (COVID-19) press conference.

Those asking a question must be over 18 and if your question is chosen, a cabinet minister will answer it during the live broadcast. Questions will be reviewed at midday on the day of the press conference. Only one question will be selected* each day and the Government has advised the public that Ministers will not see the question before the press conference and that questions are chosen by an independent polling organisation, with no involvement from the government.

Residents can ask their question at https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/ss/govuk-coronavirus-ask/

*So you would have a rather better chance of winning the lottery!