Coronavirus York updates – 13th April 2020

On line trader site launched by NYCC

The North Yorkshire County Council has launched an on line database of trades and services currently available.

It is over 3 weeks since the York Council was asked to do the same thing- initially concentrating on those local food and pharmacy businesses offering remote ordering and doorstep deliveries. Still waiting!

Coronavirus cases and deaths in York

TWO more patients with coronavirus have died at hospitals run by the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, taking the total number of Covid-19 deaths in the trust’s two hospitals -York and Scarborough – to 42.

THE number of confirmed cases of coronavirus has risen again slightly in York, to 127 today from 125 yesterday, while numbers in the North Yorkshire County Council area rose from 436 yesterday to 456 today.

Supermarket queues

Much quieter today. Few queues at any of the supermarkets in west York at lunchtime. Updates here

Only 5 in queue at Tesco Tadcaster Road

Land army

Many local farmers are using the good weather to catch up. Field unrecognisable from the picture following the flooding earlier in the year

Ploughing near Naburn


Unfortunately some people are still leaving litter (mainly tin cans). This is noticeable on leisure/exercise routes like the York – Selby cycle track. The Council is not currently emptying litter bins and frankly volunteers have better things to do. Hopefully people will take their litter home with them.

Not just highways and footpaths which are uneven. Cycle paths also suffer (in this case from the roots of poorly positioned trees). There will be a lot of basic maintenance work to do, on the whole of York’s transport network, when normality returns.

Nice touch from Acorn Rugby

New social distancing warden at entrance to Hob Moor

Vandals put lives at risk

Sorry to see that the beacon support post on the Gale Lane zebra crossing have been vandalised. Electricity supply cables exposed. We’ve reported the problem to the Council who we hope will respond promptly
Also on Gale Lane the detritus build up around traffic build outs has now reached record proportions. Clearly not been swept for months. Another issue for the Council to tackle before winter places extra demands on drainage channels
Full litter bin also reported
and litter near the entrance to the Westfield Place park entrance and around its perimeter

£400,000 cost for new litter/poop-scoop bins in York

A contract for the replacement of litter and poop scoop bins in the City has been awarded to Wybone Ltd

The Council is expecting to replace most of the bins in the City over the next year or so.

The total value of the contract has been estimated as being worth £400,000.

Some new bins have already started to appear on the streets.

Separately, the Council is being asked to repair those salt bins which need attention. Many were used for the first time during recent wintry conditions.

Litter, footpaths, dog fouling, dumping & weeds top residents concerns

Thanks to those living in the Front Street and Hob Moor areas who have been returning the LibDem Focus “grumble” sheets.

So far the most complaints have been about:

  1. Litter
  2. Uneven footpaths
  3. Dog fouling
  4. Dumping
  5. Weeds/bushes obstructing paths

So pretty much basic public service standard issues.

This weekend we’ve moving on to look at services in the Cornlands Road and Askham Lane areas.

We’ve already been out and about this week checking on public service standards in the west of the City. Around 255 issues have been reported via “Fix My Street” including

Dogs have badly fouled the tithe Close snicket

Dogs have badly fouled the Tithe Close snicket

Weeds are still a problem on some footpaths

Weeds are still a problem on some footpaths

Grange Lane park play equipment still needs strimming

Grange Lane park play equipment still needs strimming

Swings damaged on Grange Lane aprk

Swings damaged on Grange Lane park

Full litter bin on Askham Lane reported by Cllr Sheena Jackson

Full litter bin on Askham Lane reported by Cllr Sheena Jackson