Former Acomb kebab house seeks alcohol license

The Council has received an application for a premise license for 2 Front Street (which used to be a Kebab house).

If approved, the application suggests that it would be open between 4:00pm and either midnight or 1:00am.

The application would permit take away sales of alcohol.

Residents have until 4th March to table any objections.

Details read here

Monk Stray campsite licence application details published

The Council has now published the application that it has made (to itself) for a premises license for the use of Monk Stray.

There are no restrictions on the duration of the license which would allow plays, films, live music (till midnight), recorded music, performance of dance and “anything similar” together with the supply of alcohol for on and off site sales (until 2300 hours)

The application can be read here

Residents have until 24th February to submit any objections.

The Council have so far failed to explain why the event could not have been accommodated on the Knavesmire.

Larger events, such as Royal Ascot at York and a visit by the Pope, have been accommodated there without major difficulties.