Road repairs and better parking top priority for residents living near Hob Moor

Residents responding to a survey in the Kingsway West/Windsor Garth/Hamilton Drive area have identified their priorities for public service improvements.

The survey is the latest of a  series being conducted by Councillors representing the Westfield ward on the City of York Council

212 residents have so far completed and returned  the questionnaires 

Generally the results suggest that most residents are at least satisfied with the quality of most public services in the area

However Councillors are now seeking improvements to road repairs, car parking and overgrown trees/bushes in the neighbourhood.

Further details can be downloaded from

Other findings included:

More roads to be salted in York?


de-icingThe Council has not said why it is set to discuss the issue halfway through winter or why the plan had not been included on its “forward plan” of decisions.

According to the Press, it says it will pay for any changes using “contingency” funds (which have been available since last April).

The decision to salt the 24 bus route will be welcomed. It was a major bone of contention in 2013

The Council have been lucky that in the intervening period the City has enjoyed relatively mild winters.

We can’t expect that to continue.

Controversial Tudor Road/Kingsway West bollard scheme to be implemented on Thursday

City of York Council will be installing a new traffic island at the junction of Tudor Road and Kingsway West on Thursday 24 November.

Tudor Road - Kingsway West traffic island plan

Tudor Road – Kingsway West traffic island plan

The controversial plan was opposed by the majority of residents when it was first suggested in 2010 by transport officials. The then LibDem led Council implemented alternative safety improvements, but the “keep left” traffic island plan has now been revived.

Unfortunately other aspects of a “safe routes to school” programme – which involved the construction of a pedestrian crossing at the junction – have not been pursued by the Council.

The work on thr new bollard is expected to take one day to complete, weather permitting. Work will take place between 9.30am – 3.30pm.

In order to carry out the work safely, the junction will be closed to all traffic, except emergency vehicles. A clearly signed diversion route will be in place. If residents require vehicle access to properties located within the works area, they may be permitted to access to their property through the works as long as it is safe to do so. Residents are asked to inform on-site traffic management operatives to ensure site safety.

As with any construction work, there is likely to be a certain amount of disruption. Residents are assured that everything reasonably possible will be done to keep this to a minimum. However motorists should expect some delays and plan their journey accordingly.

The contractor carrying out the work is Rediweld, and they will be responsible for safety on site.

For traffic and travel information in and around York visit

That was the week that was: west York in pictures

Out and about taking action during the week ending 27th August 2016

Cllr Sheena Jackson has asked for a mattress dumped in Hatfield Walk to be removed and has reported dog fouling problems on Walker Drive

BT kiodk in Kingsway West looking shabby

BT kiosk in Kingsway West looking shabby

We've asked for the gutters in the cul de sacs in Kingsway West to be deep cleaned

We’ve asked for the gutters in the cul de sacs in Kingsway West to be deep cleaned

Problems with day burning lights and inoperative door entry systems have been reported

Problems with day burning lights and inoperative door entry systems have been reported

& the Acomb Market in now open!

& the Acomb Market in now open!

A report earlier in the week blamed localised flooding on blocked or damaged gullies Please make sure that you report for cleaning any that you find in your local area

Blocked gully on Gale Lane recently reported by us

Blocked gully on Gale Lane recently reported by us

We report all issues using

Thanet Road Toucan crossing to be modernised

Thanet Road crossing

toucanpicsThe Toucan Crossing at the end of Kingsway West is due to be replaced during the next year or so.

In response to a Freedom of Information request officials have revealed that the equipment has reached the end of its operational life.

We hope that any work will include resurfacing the end of Kingsway West which is in a poor condition

Other crossings to be modernised in the City include the Toucan linking Tadcaster Road to the Tesco link road.

Residents seek extra car parking space in Westfield.

Car parking problems growing in Westfield area

Car parking problems growing in Westfield area

Drivers living in the Kingsway West, Windsor Garth and St Stephen’s Road areas have started a campaign aimed at persuading the Council to restart its car park provision programme.


The programme, which provided dropped kerbs/verge crossovers and parking lay bys, was a victim of Labours cuts to ward committee budgets in 2011.

Although some work has continued using tenants estate improvement budget funds, provision has fallen behind demand.

Some spaces intended for residents use on Ascot Way are being monopolised by visitors.

Now additional pressure is being felt by on street parking spaces as the Council moves to redevelop garage areas while parking restrictions, on the link access to the new development on the Our Lady’s school site, seem inevitable.

In the meantime some drivers are parking on grass verges causing considerable damage and disfiguring the neighbourhood.