Still some action needed to clean up York streets.

Sorry to see that weed growth on the east of the City hasn’t been cleared some 3 months after first being reported. Mainly thistles growing in gutters and drainage channels. May (or may not) die back as winter gets a grip. But all is not yet fixed with many public service standards in the City still not up to standard.

Malton Road
Jockey Lane

Weed growth damaging York’s appearance

Meeting on Monday to consider possble solutions.

It looks like the improvements to the weed killing programme on hard surfaces have failed to materialise.

A “third” application of weed killer was to have been applied to drainage gullies, footpaths, forecourts and other areas during the last 4 weeks.

While there have been improvements to some traffic islands (the build up of silt on Longfield Lane, Foxwood Lane and Gale Lane has been removed) the vast majority of the A1237 is remains overgrown.

The A59, Water Lane and Jockey Lane – all reported months ago – remain untreated.

There will be some serious questions to be answered at the meeting.

Tiger spotted on Jockey Lane

A report outlining proposed safety improvements for both pedestrians and cyclists using Jockey Lane will go to the Decision Session for the Executive Member for Transport and Planning on 10 September.

The proposals include the installation of York’s first “Tiger” pedestrian and cyclist crossing

Tiger cycle and pedestrian crossing. click to access

Tiger cycle and pedestrian crossing. click to access

The report outlines proposals to widen the existing footway allowing the creation of a missing section of shared use pathway between Forge Close on the south side and the delivery access to Sainsbury’s on the north side.

It is also proposed that either a Toucan crossing or Zebra crossing is installed near to the delivery access of Sainsbury’s and Huntington House. If a Zebra crossing is installed this could then be changed to a Tiger Crossing when new legislation comes in to place. This would allow cyclists to also use the crossing without dismounting and would further help to link the two sections of off-road cycle path.  The bus stops in the area will also be relocated away from the crossing to further improve safety.

It is also recommended that if a Zebra crossing is chosen that the saving is used to help fund the resurfacing of Jockey Lane from Kathryn Avenue to New Lane. This is based on a view that the whole road condition needs to be improved and there would be an economy of scale in the surfacing contractor being commissioned to do more work.

Cllr Ian Gillies, Executive Member for Transport and Planning, said: “It is important that we work to link up sections of the existing pedestrian and cycle network to help encourage sustainable and healthy modes of travel. This helps to offer a real alternative to single occupancy car journeys in and around York.”

After consulting with North Yorkshire Police they are in favour of the changes and highlight that Zebra crossing currently have a lower accident rate than Toucan crossings.

To attend the meeting or to find out more information please visit