York potholes being filled in

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The Councils pothole team are currently operating in the Westfield area.

We hope that they will fill in the many potholes that have developed over the last couple of years.

It is important that residents continue to report issues as they arise.

A damaged road surface is more vulnerable to frost damage and would cost much more to resurface in the long term

The work forms part of a £300,000 pothole programme funded by the Coalition government.

It is separate from the resurfacing programme which takes longer to complete each year. This is the programme which was drastically cut by Labour when  they took office.

The resurfacing programme has so far reached Huntsman’s Walk where the footpaths have now been repaired.

Huntsman’s Walk resurfacing starts on 4th August

Petition prompts Council action

Work on resurfacing the footpaths at the low numbered end of Huntsmans Walk commences on  4th August.

Petition collected last year

Petition collected last year

The work is expected to last for about 5 weeks

The work consists of excavating the current tarmac surfacing, re-grading the stone foundation and relaying a new layer of tarmac.  Selected road kerbs are to be replaced.

The Council are offering a discounted cost for the extension, or provision, of a new vehicle crossing if it can be constructed as part of the scheme.  Anyone wishing to take advantage of this offer should contact 01904 553130

The resurfacing priority for this street was increased following the collection of a petition,  on behalf of residents, by Andrew Waller.

Details of the area to eb resurfaced can be viewed here.