A1237 to become Toll road


The Council has announced that the A1237 northern by pass is to become a toll road

Motorists will have to purchase a “pay and display” ticket as happens in other car parks.

The move has been made possible by increased congestion caused by road works and the closure of Lendal Bridge.

Mr I. B. Stuck commented that he hoped that a “pay by phone” option would be made available before his newly ordered camper van was delivered, by air, to the lay-by near Tesco.

“I’m looking forward to my holiday overlooking the River Ouse but I don’t want to have to get out to buy another ticket every time a wheel turns”.

Council transport statistics click to enlarge

Council transport statistics click to enlarge

A Council spokesman said it was likely that Mr Stuck would remain stuck at least until the new A59 Park and Ride site opened in the spring.

The Council hopes to extend its pay and display scheme to cover the Hull Road, Fulford Road and Foss Islands Road all of which the spokesman described as “having potential”.

NB. The latest Council report on congestion levels has been published. Well actually it hasn’t. We are told that the figures for traffic volumes are being “cleansed” but will be available “towards the end of October”.

Today is the 1st November.

Council parade tomorrow (Friday) – Congestion on Lendal Bridge expected.

click to enlarge

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Some Councillors are apparently “processing” from the Guildhall to the “new” Council offices at Toft Green on Friday (11:00am). Details of the road closures can be seen by clicking here.

Quite why it has taken 6 months for the Councillors to find their way to the new building is a mystery.

A simple ribbon cutting event by the Lord Mayor in March would have cost little and allowed people to get on with their work.

There have been repeated assurances by the Labour leadership that the Guildhall will remain at the democratic heart of the City. Those assurances appear to lack conviction now that Councillors have sampled the hi tech luxury of West Offices.

We will see.

Residents can, themselves, experience the delights of West Offices on Saturday.

Those arriving with their full wheelie bin will be given an escorted tour of the *hear no evil” call centre.

The Council web site says, “Saturday 21 September from 10am to 4pm West Offices will be opening up for free public tours of the building, with the aid of colourful characters from York’s past to illustrate its historic connections, demonstrations of the City of York Hologram tour app plus some musical entertainment from CANsing, the council employees choir”.

Council Leader to open new York art gallery?

With work proceeding quickly on the refurbishment of the York Art Gallery, officials have denied rumours that the Council Leader will not be invited to the opening ceremony.

“He is the only one that we know who has an Ipad and we understand that he has already been practicing aerial shots”*.

The rumours started following an “incident” at another gallery in the area.

Council Leader to open art gallery

*we’re on the lookout for these- Ed