Green burial plan for Osbaldwick?

An unusual planning application from the Osbaldwick Parish Council this week. They hope to gain permission for an area of rough grazing to be turned into a natural burial ground.

The land is located off Murton Way and has been talked about as a possible site for house building in the past.

Details can be found on the Council’s planning portal under reference 21/00415/FUL.


Not far away, the new Derwenthorpe development has come in for some criticism from some house owners.

The development does not yet have a “completed” look although most of the homes are now occupied.

The original idea of taking traffic out of the residential areas (as they did in “Poundbury”) does not seem to have worked very well as posters have now been erected by some parents concerned about traffic speeds in streets on which children play.

The controversial district heating system still has its critics. The building which houses the heat generation system is remarkably ugly.

Some residents have even set up their own Facebook group (7) The Real Derwenthorpe | Facebook