Community Hub Success

Appeal for more volunteer helpers

Energise climbing wall at Foxwood Hub

Yesterdays expanded “Community Hub” has been hailed a success by those who attended. The extra events, which included a climbing wall (above), Knights Rugby and Police property marking, ensured that there was a steady stream of visitors.

The idea for the expansion of activities was prompted by the JRHT who used the event to assess community needs in their Woodlands estate

The Hub’s decision to hand out free lunch-bags to children has been widely praised. The bags are a substitute for the free school meals which are available during term time.

Now the Hub is seeking more volunteers to help with future events. The Hub will continue to open on each Friday during the summer.

There will also be activities at the community centre (Bellhouse Way) on 13th, 22nd and 29th August when the Knights Rugby Foundation will be present.

NB. There will be a Bingo session at the Community Centre later today (Saturday). Doors open 6:45pm. “Eyes down” 7:30pm. Entrance £2 (includes tea/coffee & biscuits)

York annual weed growing contest off to a good start

We’ve asked residents to nominate the highest growing weeds on public highways in the City.

These are roads, footpaths , bridges etc which should by now have been treated for weed growth by the York Council.

If left untreated the weeds will gradually break up the surface of the highway causing additional expense when remedial work is undertaken.

The weed control programme is normally sub contracted by the Council. Residents may have seen (or not this year) quad bikers in some streets spraying weed killer

Weeds in the Leeman Road area. Currently about 1 metre high but growing strongly

Weeds higher than 1 metre at the A59 junction near Poppleton. Gives a poor first impression of the City for visitors accessing the nearby Park and Ride site.
A long time problem location with weeds now nearly 2 metres high on the parapets of the Ouse Bridge. Happens every year but no weed killer is applied by the Council.
This year the weeds have been supplemented by a strong growth in tin cans (licet stagni)
In the right place, wild flowers can make a positive contribution to the local environment. These are outside the Foxwood Community Centre. They help to sustain bee populations as well as supporting bio diversity more generally..