What’s on in York: “Surprise ending”” a play on at Foxwood Community Centre tomorrow

Foxwood Community Centre, Bellhouse Way

Thurs 18th Oct :

2.00pm – 3.00pm :


Surprise Ending is our Big City Read Play written for us by Bridget Foreman and performed by Riding Lights Theatre Company. This is the very first performance.

Come along and find out how Eric stops his world shrinking as Smidge’s expands in this light-hearted show which will make you think about reading in a completely different way.

To book tickets please click here.

Skateboard session a success

Barriers installed to deter mopeds

Another successful day yesterday as the York Knights brought their skateboard park to Foxwood. Further events involving an “obstacle course” are promised for the 1st, 8th & 15th August

Cllr Sheena Jackson with one of the barriers installed to discourage moped access to the grassed area and footpath near Herman Walk.

Anti social behaviour meeting in Foxwood a success

Cllr Sheena Jackson organised a meeting with Sergeant Danny Leach and Police Constable Andy Pearson at Foxwood Community Centre last night.

10 residents took the opportunity to discuss ongoing issues in Bellhouse Way/Willoughby Drive area re cars and mopeds.

Sheena reports that residents feel a bit more reassured in terms of how incidents are reported and Sergeant Leach is more than happy to attend any other meetings that are organised.

“It is good that he is happy to listen to residents issues and get something done”.

NB On the same eveing the police tweeted to say that two moped riders had been stopped and served with vehicle offence notices in the Westfield area.