Big York Challenge coming to Foxwood?

A large number of volunteers are likely to descend on Foxwood in the autumn.

Their aim will be to complete the renovation of the Foxwood Park and regenerate the area to the rear of the Foxwood Community Centre.

Community centre playground

Community centre playground

The volunteers will be part of the “Big Community Challenge” team which has been set up by York Cares.  Click here for more information.

Currently a door to door survey is being conducted aimed at finding out residents priorities for the area. In particular residents are being asked whether a small  part of the Foxwood Park should become a dog walking area (with dogs banned from the rest of the park).

There is also a suggestion that the, little used, playground to the rear of the community centre should be converted into a garden and/or allotments. The playground has to be maintained by volunteers and is currently only open when an event is taking place at the Centre.

The Centre itself is under some financial pressure because of Council cuts but is confident that the “make over” will help to encourage more volunteers to support the facilities

Details of the Centres activities can be found by clicking here

Fairness Conference costs questioned as Huntington concert struggles


Sources with the York Council are saying that the costs – to Council taxpayers – of the recent Fairness Conference could be as much as £10,000. Apparently a similar level of funding has come from a local charity.

If confirmed, the figure will be similar to the amount being cut from the budgets of two York Council community centres both of which serve low income neighbourhoods.

The Foxwood Community Centre in particular is now struggling to find volunteers to continue to run the facility in the wake of the Council cuts.

One major user is moving to other accommodation claiming that the lack of commitment by the Council, to the future of community facilities ,was a factor in their decision.

 An attempt is to be made to form a new management committee in September by which time it is hoped a new core tenant will have been found.

NB. As reported earlier in the week, the Councils Grand Départy Concert on 4 July has run into financial difficulties.

Likely to cost a six figure sum to stage, only a few hundred tickets have been sold so far.

A new act has, however, been added to the lineup for the concert

Call to stop community centre cuts

Foxwood Community Centre

Foxwood Community Centre

Liberal Democrats are calling on Labour run City of York Council to cancel planned cuts to community centre grants.


In recent weeks Foxwood, Chapelfields and Oaken Grove centres have all warned they could face closure or be forced to scale back activities as they are set to lose their grants from York Council.


At next week’s Full Council meeting the Lib Dem Group Leader, Cllr Keith Aspden, will challenge the Labour Cabinet to address these concerns.


He is calling for the second year of planned funding cuts, due to be rubber-stamped in February for Labour’s 2014/15 Budget, to be scrapped.