Collect your free recycling box from the Foxwood Community Centre relaunch event today

Remember new recycling collection calendar from this week in Foxwood and many other areas.

Additional recycling boxes & nets can be collected from the Foxwood Community Centre on Bellhouse Way between 11:00am and 2:00pm TODAY.

A hard plastic recycling skip will also be available.

Green bin emptying starts again from Monday

Go ahead to build new hotel in Foxwood

Planning committee ignores objections

Work will start on building a new hotel in Foxwood at 11:00am on Saturday, despite strongly worded objections from two grasshoppers and a hedgehog,

The hotel will be located next to the Foxwood Community center on Bellhouse Way.

Large numbers of children – who will be referred to as “workers” – are expected to attend and help to build what will be the areas first bee hotel.

A bee hotel provides space for solitary bees to nest in. There are around 220 species of wild bees in the UK, called ‘solitary’ because they make individual nest cells for their larvae. It is these solitary rather than bumble bees that will be attracted to the bee hotel we are building here. Some solitary bees are very small and black so they may not even look like what many of us think of as bees!

Bumblebees are mainly under threat because of changes to the countryside in the UK. Changes in agricultural techniques have meant that there are far fewer wildflowers in the landscape than there used to be, meaning that many of our bumblebee species are struggling to survive.

Click here for more information or here for buglife


Reprieve as Foxwood Community Centre wins rating appeal

Foxwood Community Centre

Foxwood Community Centre

The shock decision by the Council’s ruling executive, not to award discretionary rate relief to the Foxwood and Tang Hall community centres last week, has been reversed on appeal.

The decision has been taken by officials after the Council admitted failing to support the Community Centre applications properly.

The award lasts for two years and could mean that the Foxwood centre – which is now run entirely by volunteers – will be £1500 better off.

The centre already enjoys 80% mandatory rates relief which substantially offsets the £4000 a year rates bill


Foxwood Community Centre rate relief application set to fail

A Christmas market was held on Sunday as volunteers tried to raise funds for the centre.

A Christmas market was held on Sunday as volunteers tried to raise funds for the centre.

Wednesday’s meeting of the York Council’s Executive is being recommended not to provide Discretionary Rate relief for the, now volunteer run, Foxwood Community Centre.

The Foxwood Community Centre’s Business Rating valuation was recently increased from £6000 to £7000.

Discretionary relief – which reduces the proportion of the bill payable –  was routinely granted to the centre when it was Council funded.

The report to tomorrow’s meeting criticises the lack of a “Community Impact Assessment” (CIA) which officials say should have been submitted with the rebate application.  Any CIA would be little different from that produced for the Council in previous years.

14 other charitable organisations in the city are also being denied relief. They include the Tang Hall Community Centre and the Theatre Royal.

NB A reduction for the Chapelfields community centre at Sanderson House is recommended for approval.  This will be worth £2,592 to the centre.