York residents urged to ‘help change a child’s life’ in 2019

City of York Council is urging local residents to help change a child’s life in 2019 by fostering.

With around 150 children and young people being supported by foster carers in York at any time, the authority is always looking for new foster carers to join the team.

Fostering involves looking after children in a safe and secure environment when they can’t live with their own families.

And as James Lee, from the council’s Fostering Team, explains, they’re not looking for just one type of carer:

“The children and young people who need our care are from a wide range of backgrounds and have very differing needs, so we need foster carers with different experiences and skills to help them. Many people consider fostering when their own children have left home and they have a bit more time and space, while others foster young people alongside their own children. If you have experience of living or working with children and young people, either in a work setting or at home, and think you might be able to help then please do get in touch.”

To find out more about how you can help local children by fostering call 01904 555678 or visit www.york.gov.uk/fostering

Council launches new campaign to recruit foster carers

City of York Council is launching a new campaign to encourage people who have previous experience of working with children or young people to consider becoming foster carers.

Around 100 children and young people are looked after by foster carers at any time in York and the authority is always looking for new carers who can bring different skills to the role.

Councillor Keith Myers, the council’s executive member for education, children and young people, said: “Foster carers do an incredible job to support, care for and nurture some of our most vulnerable young people.

“Many of the young people who come into our care have faced significant challenges in their young lives, which is why people with previous experience of working with children or young people can make such good foster carers.”

Maxine Squire, Interim Corporate Director for Children, Education and Communities, said: “Foster carers are a vital part of our team to support vulnerable young people in York and we’re always looking to recruit people with new skills. If you’re considering a change, and want to put something back into your local community, I’d urge you to consider fostering in York.”

For more information on fostering in York, including the range of support given to foster carers in York, both by their peers and by the local authority, visit www.york.gov.uk/fostering or call 01904 555678

New campaign urges potential foster carers to offer caring new homes for children in care


A newly commissioned YouGov survey reveals an 11 per cent shortfall between people interested in fostering and actually becoming full-time carers

The survey, commissioned by You Can Foster the North of England-based fostering campaign to which City of York Council belongs, reveals that of all UK adults 12 per cent have considered or are considering fostering a child but currently, only one per cent actually become full-time carers.

The campaign running during Foster Care Fortnight (8-21 May) aims to encourage the 11 per cent of people who are interested, to take the next step, become foster carers and create 25 much-needed new homes in York where children can receive the love and attention they need.

Foster carer Karen Wortley has looked after about 70 children and young people in York over 11 years. “I’d always wanted six kids but sadly that didn’t happen, so we thought we’d adopt. But we tried fostering first and enjoyed it so much that we’ve carried on.

“I’ve given a home to babies, teenagers and emergency placements from a few hours to seven years and regularly give short breaks for a disabled child alongside caring for three teenagers including Amy.

“It’s so rewarding. People I’ve fostered who are now in their 20s still ring up or call round. It’s such a lovely feeling to know I’m the first person they want to share things with. Fostering is so worthwhile – I’d always recommend it.”

Eoin Rush, assistant director of children’s services at City of York Council, said: “We are committed to placing our children and young people in York in high quality foster care and matching them with carers who will help them settle and thrive.

“To ensure we have enough good quality carers like Karen and to replace those who move away or retire, we want to recruit another 25 foster carers to give our children and young people – like Amy – the best possible chances in life.

“There are a number of myths around fostering which are stopping people taking the next step; people thinking they’re too old, that they won’t get the support they need, that their sexuality, employment or marital status makes a difference to their chances of fostering. Call us to chat through how you can help and how we support you.”

Fostering is looking after a child or young person who can’t live with their own family for a number of reasons. This can be a very difficult time for the child who’ll need lots of support and care.

In York, foster carers are needed for children including:

  • Brothers and sisters
  • Teenagers
  • Children needing long-term foster care
  • Children who need specialist care because of additional needs.

If you think you could give a child or young person a loving, stable home please call 01904 555333 or visit www.york.gov.uk/fostering and we’ll support you every step of the way.

York Council ask, “Are you privately fostering?”

To coincide with National Private Fostering Week (6-10 July) City of York Council is reminding anyone who’s been caring for a young person – and who is not a close relative – for longer than a month that they must contact the local authority.


All private fostering arrangements lasting more than 28 days need to be reported to the local council so the children’s social care team can ensure that the child or young person is safe and that the carers are well supported.

Nik Flavell, Principal Advisor of Children’s Social Care at City of York Council, said:

We know that there are a number of private care arrangements in place for young people in York, but often neither their parents nor carers realise that there is a legal requirement for them to let the council know. We can then carry out an assessment to make sure that the arrangements are safe and satisfactory for the child or young person and for the carers.”

For more information about private fostering, your rights and responsibilities, or to contact City of York Council’s Referral and Assessment Team, call 01904 551900 or email childrensfrontdoor@york.gov.uk