Government announce funding for York transport schemes

City of York Council has been allocated £658,350 to support more active travel across York and the many residents who are choosing to walk and cycle more throughout the city’s COVID recovery.

No new bridge for cyclists crossing the river Ouse on the A1237 (not enough money) but the Council says it can widen the existing cycle path (!)

The Government’s Active Travel Fund is designed to support walking and cycling as a long-term method for commuting. To receive any allocation from the fund, the council must carry out wide reaching engagement on a variety of proposed schemes to inform designs for people-centred transport infrastructure and more active travel opportunities for residents.

There is likely to be some scepticism about the Council choice of schemes (see below). It’s plan for a cycle path from Wheldrake (pop 2000) to the City centre for example doesn’t appear to have been based on any sort of cost benefit analysis.

Other villages such as Dunnington (pop 3300) are closer, so cycling is likely to be a much more attractive option for commuters living in that area.

The Council has computer modelling facilities available which would allow it to prioritise, what are very scarce, resources on initiatives which will give the maximum “bang per buck”. We’ve had too many impulsive decisions in the recent past ..and too many vanity projects. Decisions need to be made with clear base line figures, milestones, quantifiable targets and proper outturn appraisals.

No plans have been announced to improve the lamentable state of the existing cycle network. Parts of the York Selby cycle path – which is not too far away from Wheldrake – is currently unusable because of surface damage

Cycle lanes are planned for Acomb Road in Holgate

According to the Council, “the consultation, which will launch later this year, will provide residents the opportunity to shape future plans and ensure that they are designed to meet the needs of local communities.  By using the consultation to develop high quality cycle routes, we can encourage more people to walk and cycle as part of their everyday travel in the city”.

This funding is the second phase of funding, following on from an initial £193,000 received in summer this year.

The Council claims that, “This second phase of funding will allow the city to build upon action taken so far this year through temporary changes to road layout and improving cycle safety, and enable the council to design and implement more permanent and wider reaching schemes to support residents with active travel opportunities across the city”.

The measures proposed to be consulted upon and delivered include:

  • Measures on Shipton Road (north of Clifton Green), linking with ongoing improvements to cycling infrastructure on Bootham;
  • Cycle lanes along Acomb Road;
  • Some city centre measures, for example a pedestrian/ cyclists crossing of Tower Street near St George’s Field;
  • Improvements to the cycle lane on the A1237 bridges over the Ouse and East Coast Main Line;
  • Cycle improvements between Wheldrake and Heslington.

Consultation will be carried out in the coming months and feedback collected from this will be reported at an Executive Member for Transport Decision Session in early 2021.

This work will be carried out in coordination with the implementation of the council’s Economic Recovery Strategy. The strategy focuses on prioritising active travel, working with bus and rail operators to ensure people can continue to use public transport with confidence and creating a more people-focussed city centre.

The council’s iTravel team will be supporting engagement across local communities and schools to better understand barriers to active travel and how this funding can improve this across the city.

Latest waste service update from York Council

Tuesday 16th June

All scheduled household waste collections have been made.

We were unable to collect all recycling waste from all properties in the following areas due to operating under COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Dunnington
  • Huntington
  • Osbaldwick
  • Wheldrake

This will be collected on Wednesday 17 June. Please present your containers for collection by 7.00am.

We were unable to collect all garden waste from some properties in Woodthorpe and Dunnington due to capacity issues: We’ll attempt to collect missed garden waste on the evening of Tuesday 16 June, but may not be able to revisit until later in the week. Please leave your green bin out and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

We have collected all outstanding missed household waste, recycling and garden waste from Monday 15 June.

Missed bin emptying – latest from City of York Council

The Council has published its Tuesday update on missed bin emptying and recycling collections.

It reveals failings across all types of waste collection and neighbourhoods. It is no longer promising to empty bins on the next day, but is asking residnts to continue to leave their bins out.

Although COVID social distancing requirements have influenced recycling collection performance the Council blames “capacity issues” for most of the delays.

As the first collection of garden waste has been completed, the expectation was that the second lift would have been smaller. However, it maybe that residents, who stored green waste in line with Council instructions during the lock-down period, are now filling up the bins again.

It is impossible to judge whether volume is an issue unless the Council starts to publish again the tonnage of waste – by category – that it is dealing with each week.

The Councils management must provide more information on waste management including the level of demand for booking spaces at the household waste sites and the level of use of the bulky waste removal service.

Waste service reliability was already problematic before the Coronavirus crisis hit, with an unprecedented level of failed collections during the later part of 2019.

Residents deserve to know when they can expect a reliable service to be restored?

More waste collection delays in York

The York Council has run into further problems today with household waste, recycling and green bin emptying. There were issues on both sides of the City

Latest waste service update -Tuesday 26 May

We were unable to collect household waste from some areas in Dunnington due to capacity issues.

This household waste will be collected on Wednesday 27 May. Please present your containers for collection by 7.00am.

We have been unable to collect recycling waste from a number of properties due to service levels.

Our crews are still out collecting and a further update regarding recycling collections for 26 May will be issued tomorrow.

We were unable to collect garden waste from a number of properties in the following areas due to capacity issues:

  • Chapelfields
  • Foxwood
  • Tang Hall

We’ll attempt to collect missed garden waste by Wednesday 27 May, but may not be able to revisit until later in the week. Please leave greens bin out and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

We have been able to recollect all outstanding garden waste from Monday 25 May.

Previous waste service updates – Monday 25 May

All scheduled household waste collections have been made.

We were unable to collect recycling waste from a number of properties in Fulford as a result of restrictions on operations due to coronavirus.

We’ll attempt to collect this recycling on Tuesday 26 May. Please present your containers for collection by 7.00am.

We’ve been unable to collect garden waste from a number of properties in the following areas due to capacity issues:

  • Badger Hill
  • Heslington

We will attempt to collect missed garden waste on Tuesday 26 May, but may not be able to revisit until later in the week. Please leave greens bin out and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

York Council decides on Public Right of Way requests

The York Council has considered several requests for changes to the definitive map of public rights of way (PROW).

In total Councillors and officials have decided whether to pursue 13 applications.

There will now be a further period of consultation.

The Council has a large backlog of applications which it has agreed to determine before the end of February

Click an individual application below to view each and the decision

Key York planning decisions scheduled for 22nd January

Future of B&Q, former Council offices and Del Monte sites to be determined

B & Q Hull Road

Sainsbury’s have applied to convert the premises into retail food store with external alterations including reconfiguration of the shop front, canopy, installation of new customer cafe and associated toilets, installation of ATMs, removal of existing garden centre and builders yard and reconfiguration of site access and customer car park.

The store will have 5,591 Sq m of retail floor space and 505 car parking spaces.

There have been 93 objections to the proposal mainly on transport grounds. Several competitor traders have also objected.

71 people have written in support of the plan.

The application is recommended for approval but will be referred to the Secretary of State who will decide whether to call it in for further consideration.

Del Monte site Skelton

The application seeks outline consent for the use of the site for residential development for up to 60 dwellings. The site has previously been used as a factory, which was demolished last year.

20% of the homes will be “affordable”.

The application is recommended for approval. If approved the new homes will reduce the pressure to build on Green Belt land.

Offices to be turned into homes

Offices to be turned into homes

 Former Council offices, 1-9 St Leonards Place

 This application seeks planning permission for the change of use of 1-9 St Leonard’s and 2- 4 Museum St, and includes the former stable block to the rear.

At present these buildings are vacant and were last used as City of York Council offices. The applicants wish to convert the buildings into 5 town houses and 29 apartments.

The former stable block would be converted to 1 mews house with a double garage and 5 mews houses over 5 double garages would be developed along the rear lane. The layout of the existing St Leonard’s place car park would be revised to create a private car park with 30 parking spaces. Gates and railings would be reinstated around the car park area.

The Council is seeking a contribution of £298,169 towards the provision of “off site” affordable housing. Concerns about air quality for rooms facing St Leonard’s Place, means that windows will be fixed and fresh air ventilation will be drawn mechanically from the rear of the buildings.

The application is recommended for approval together with a parallel application which would permit limited works to the Listed building. This is another project that will reduce the pressure for building on the Green Belt.

  1. Planning permission is also recommended for approved at Hagg Lane, Dunnington for the extension of a car park currently used during the week by Costcutter staff and of Saturdays by footballers.

Neighbourhood Plan for Dunnington?

As a result of the governments Localism Act 2011, local communities are encouraged to come together to get more involved in planning for their areas by producing neighbourhood plans, which are designed to guide new development.

The costs of preparing and consulting on such a plan are put at around £20,000.

A report will be taken to a decision session on Monday 16 September to ask for the Cabinet Member of Transport, Planning and Sustainability to approve and progress the application for a Dunnington Neighbourhood Plan.

Dunnington & York Local Plan click to enlarge

Dunnington & York Local Plan click to enlarge

Residents still have a week until the consultation period ends on the 16 September at 4pm, and a verbal update will be provided to the Cabinet Member during the meeting.

Over 450 York residents have already had their say on what could be the city’s the first parish council to get its own Neighbourhood Plan.

However the current consultation is only about what area the plan should cover, so there is a suspicion that residents are using this as an opportunity to make a further protest about the York Council’s Local Plan policies for the village.