New Acomb Wood Drive restaurant status clarified

The planning department have confirmed that the new – and now operational –  Buongiorno cafe and restaurant on Acomb Wood Drive has the necessary planning permission. The was confusion  in November when a “change of use” planning application was withdrawn.

It turns out that the Council advised the owner that a “change of use” planning permission was not necessary as the existing take away permission also covered the use of the premises as a cafe.

“Change of use” would only be required if there were proposed alterations to the shop front, display of advertisements, or the installation of any external flues.

We wish the new business every success.

Restaurant on Acomb Wood Drive seeks license to sell alcohol

The Buongiorno restaurant at unit 3a at the Acomb Wood Drive has applied for a license to supply alcohol. The application is for sales on all days of the week.

Representations to an application by any responsible authority or any other person must be made in writing to City of York, Licensing Services, Hazel Court EcoDepot, James Street, York. Y010 3DS.

Representations must be received within a 28 day period beginning the first day after the application is made.

Any representations on the application must be made before 24th December.