York Council publishes “on line” map showing brownfield development land

The York Council has agreed to provide “on line” access to its map of brownfield (previously developed) building land in the City.

The accuracy of the map, which shows sites of over 0.2 ha, is in some doubt as it shows, for example, the Lowfields sports pitch as being “brownfield” This pitch has never been previously developed (the neighbouring school building site is correctly identified)

The purpose of the register is to provide information in a standardised way across all planning authorities in England, and has to be updated annually.

The Register should include previously developed land that:

  • has an area of at least 0.2 hectares or is capable of supporting at least 5 dwellings
  • is suitable for residential development
  • is available for residential development
  • is achievable for residential development


Brownfield land register