Old York, Old York so good they named it twice

The Council are preparing to have one of their periodic chats about their “image” over the next few days. The style and use of logos will be on Councillors minds as they seek to redefine the authorities corporate brand.

There are apparently 40 different logos in use by the Councils various departments. According to officials “They are often used to create an artificial distance from the council creating the impression the council doesn’t do anything”.

The Council say that it is opposed to the creation of more “logos” although it failed to stop the seminally obscure “Live Well York” campaign which is an impenetrable “What’s on” listing service.

Many residents would hope that the Councils image is defined by the quality of the public services that it provides.

Anyone driving towards York on the A64 will wonder why they are welcomed to the City with two separate signs in the space of 100 metres. The parallel York Road entry to Askham Bryan neither welcome nor seeks to repel visitors

The Council has sought to raise revenue from roadside advertising for several years. Several roundabouts are sponsored.

One of the boundary signs on the A64 is sponsored by LNER and has a neat railway logo on the reverse which few probably see.(right)

Some, like the reverse of that on the A59 approach from Green Hammerton, are more obscure

New York boundary signs to be installed

West York pressing for hard border down centre of river Ouse in attempt to get fair share of Council budget.

New York boundary signs are to be erected. They replace the existing 9 signs which are now 22 years old. An additional sign is to be provided near Sutton.

Each boundary sign will depict a different aspect of York on the reverse, with images chosen in collaboration with Make It York. The preferred design is  is shown below.

Final installation is subject to planning permission.

 The current advertiser, York St John University, has confirmed they will continue to support advertising on the new signage.