Crime levels on rise as residents seek meeting with police

Concerns about arson attacks in run up to “bonfire night”

The Foxwood Residents Association has written to local Police Chiefs asking for a meeting to discuss an increase in anti social behaviour problems in the area.

The requests comes as figures reveal that there has been  a  13% increase in crime nationally over the last year.

However the figures also confirm that North Yorkshire continues to have the lowest crime rate in England.

It shows there were a total of 37,359 crimes in North Yorkshire during the 12-month period, giving a crime rate of 45.9 per 1,000 of the population. This reflects a one percent increase in crime in comparison to the same period the previous year.

Broken down into the main crime categories, the ONS figures for North Yorkshire show:

Anti social behaviour peaks in Chapelfields

Dispersal order in place from 5:00pm today

Police are warning that robust action will be taken following eight days of high level anti-social behaviour in York’s Chapelfields estate.

There have been more than twenty five incidents of anti-social behaviour in the Chaplefields area between 9 August and 16 August.

The nature of the incidents, have included anti-social use of mopeds and motorcycles, arson, drug use and criminal damage.

The groups of youths, sometimes up to thirty in number, causing this hazardous disruption have also been using threatening and abusive language towards residents and the police.

Circumstances of some of the more serious reports involved a flat window being forced open and fireworks thrown inside, a youth threatening an officer with a piece of wood a group climbing onto the school roof, where the skylight has been previously smashed by a group of the youths.

Bramham Road

The incidents have taken places across various locations in the area including Bramham Road, Bramham Avenue, Chaplefields Road, Westfield Place and Barkston Grove.

A dispersal order is going to be implemented at 5 pm today which will last for 48 hours. The dispersal order will cover an area of Bramham Road which includes the junction of Barkston Grove, and another area of Bramham Road which covers Costcutter and the junctions either side of Bramham avenue.

Inspector Lee Pointon of the York North Neighbourhood Policing Team, said:

The levels of anti-social behaviour this group are committing is just astonishing and they are causing so much misery amongst the community in Chaplefields.

Many residents, including the elderly and vulnerable, have felt intimidated, have been verbally abused, and are scared in their own home. This is totally unacceptable behaviour.
These youths are ruining what should be a respectable community enjoying the summer months and school holidays. Instead, we are seeing this group of defiant individuals who have no intentions other than to be nasty, cause desolation and despair amongst the public.

My team of officers and PCSOs are working hard to identify these youths and exercise the powers we can to deter them from this anti-social behaviour.

A dispersal order will be put in place today that will last for 48 hours. Anyone who breaks the order will be arrested. If the order is deemed successful, it will be continued throughout next week”.

Anyone who witnesses anti-social behaviour or who has any information is asked to contact police. Dial 101, press 1 and speak to the force control room.
Alternatively, Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.

In the recent survey conducted by local Councillors in the Chapelfields estate many residents complained about what they regarded as the low police profile in the area.

  • 39% of respondents described policing in the estate as “poor”
  • Better security was the most requested improvement for the area

June edition of Chapelfields Focus newsletter

York summer safety initiatives unveiled – webchat for residents’ questions

Organisations in York will be working together to ensure that everyone can enjoy all that the city has to offer safely and responsibly.

York summer safety initiatives unveiled – webchat for residents’ questionsRecent initiatives and campaigns have seen North Yorkshire Police work closely with City of York Council, British Transport Police, city licensees and many other partners. These will continue throughout the summer, alongside new developments to make the city even safer.

Sergeant Nick Plumb, of York City Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We have come a very long way over the last few years, and we’re now working with other agencies and organisations more closely than ever before. Those efforts have ensure that York city centre continues to be a great place to work and visit.

York Police call for communities to stay safe this Halloween and Bonfire Night

York Police are urging people enjoy the Halloween and Bonfire Night period in the right spirit.
Police call for communities to stay safe this Halloween and Bonfire NightPolice officers, Police Community Support Officers and Special Constables will be carrying out patrols in local communities to ensure that everyone feels safe, and to deal with any issues that do occur.

Incidents of reported anti-social behaviour on Bonfire Night in North Yorkshire have been falling year-on-year, from 145 reported incidents on 5 November 2011; 97 in 2012; 99 in 2013; 93 in 2014; down to 87 last year – and police will be working hard to ensure the trend continues this year.

Shop owners are being asked to make sure that they don’t sell items such as eggs and flour to young people who may be using them to commit anti-social behaviour. They are also being reminded about legislation governing the sale and use of fireworks.

No trick or treat, thank youMeanwhile, leaflets will be delivered to residents who may feel more vulnerable at this time of year, providing them with advice and contact details for local officers. Posters are available on the North Yorkshire Police website to download and print out, asking people not to ‘trick or treat’.

Assistant Chief Constable Lisa Winward, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “Although this time of year is fun and exciting for many, there are those in our communities for whom it causes concern and increases the fear of crime.

“I would like to ask parents and guardians to speak to their children, to ensure that they understand how their actions could leave others distressed or upset. And if you know that a family member or neighbour is vulnerable, please keep an eye out for them to help prevent them from becoming concerned about being a victim of crime.

“At this time of year we work closely with the Fire and Rescue Service, and I urge people not take risks with fireworks. Anyone caught supplying fireworks to under 18s or lighting them in the street can expect to be dealt with robustly.”

Crime levels almost double in Westfield over 5 month period

Call for local policing shake up
Crime incidents in Westfield April 2016

Crime incidents in Westfield April 2016

The latest crime figures for York – which cover the period up to April 2016 – have revealed spiraling problems with anti-social behaviour and criminal damage incidents in some neighbourhoods.

In Westfield crime levels increased from 117 incidents, reported in December 2015, to 201 reported in April.  Although crime levels are seasonal – the summer usually sees higher levels – recent trends are worrying.

During the last year there were 926 reports of anti-social behaviour. This represented half of all crime reported in the Westfield area. Other problem categories included violence and sexual offences 285 reports (15% of the total) and criminal damage 215 reports (11.5%)

Of the reports, the Police decided to take no further action in 63% of cases. In only 15% of cases was an offender actually taken to court.

We have said before that the centralisation of anti-social behaviour resources into a “hub” in Toft Green does not appear to have been in the best interests of sub-urban areas. The important link between named “community constables”, painstakingly built up during the last decade, has been lost.

Crime trends in Westfield area

Crime trends in Westfield area

In a survey, currently being conducted in the Westfield ward by local Councillors, only 30% of respondents have so farsaid that they know the name of a local police or community support officer.

The police rarely advertise local surgeries although to some extent the property marking programme fulfils this need. The West Neighbourhood policing team also “tweet” quite a lot which is helpful for those that use that channel.

On the other hand the relaunched Community Messaging Service has so far generated few warnings and little advice on local York matters.

We feel that the Police must make more use of community noticeboards, local newsletters and various web sites.

The York Councils news page for Westfield contains no information about crime and policing activities at all.

 It also would be nice to see a crime reporting and advice desk established at the Acomb Explore Library. It is a building which is genuinely becoming a local information hub in the best sense of the word.

These, and other ideas for dealing with crime, need to be part of an ongoing public discussion involving the police, Councillors and residents.

Police urge York visitors to enjoy themselves in the right way

Police are calling on people in York to enjoy themselves safely and in the right spirit, as the weather improves and visitor numbers increase.
Sgt Nick Plumb in York

In a drive to clamp down on alcohol-related anti-social behaviour caused by a minority, but which impacts on the enjoyment of the majority, police and council licensing officers will be distributing and discussing the code of conduct for people visiting York.

Sgt Nick Plumb, of York Police, said: “York city centre is busy on a weekend, with residents enjoying family time round the city, tourists sightseeing and people going about their day-to-day business.

“Our aim is for everyone to visit the city safely and enjoy its vibrant and historic atmosphere. That’s why we take a firm stance against anyone causing disruption. In particularly, we will target groups of visitors who travel to York and ‘preload’ themselves with alcohol, and then continue to drink excessively. If their behaviour is unacceptable we will take firm action, including the use of dispersal powers to remove them from the city centre.

“We are also reminding people that many families enjoy spending time in the city centre, and we would urge visitors not to bring inappropriate inflatable items, fancy dress or clothing with offensive slogans with them.”

The codes state that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated on the train or the station, in the street or in licensed premises. It says York’s city centre licensed premises have agreed not to allow inflatables, language or fancy dress which are considered offensive or inappropriate. They state they will not admit large groups (only at the licence holder’s discretion) or people they believe to be drunk. They won’t allow alcohol to be drunk that has not been purchased on the premises and will not tolerate anti-social behaviour. The code also makes it clear that details of anyone who is refused entry or asked to leave will be shared with other licensed premises and the police.

Officers received good feedback from the public and licensed premises when the code of conduct was launched last year as part of the multi-agency ‘Had Enough!’ campaign. As summer approaches, they are particularly keen to get the message across to visitors coming to York, such as those from outside the North Yorkshire area.

Sgt Plumb added: “We don’t want to stop visitors to York having a good time. We’re simply asking people to be aware of how much alcohol they consume, and how their behaviour affects others. Our aim is for everyone to feel safe and secure in the city centre.”

York Police getting ready for anti social behaviour peak

The media are reporting that the police intend to have a major drive against anti social behaviour during the upcoming school holidays.

It will be the first push of its kind since 2009.

Stats released by the Police confirm that incidents of anti social behaviour peak in July and August (an interesting interactive map can be viewed by clicking here – covers all types of crime giving its location down to local neighbourhoods)

click to access interactive web site

click to access interactive web site

More local information can be found here. It details reported crimes at street level. The latest figures are for April 2015

We hope that the local Police commanders will ensure that sub-urban areas receive a fair share of enforcement resources and that PCSOs patrols are maintained – as a minimum – at historic levels.

We remain unconvinced that the decision to centralise anti social behaviour work into a “hub” at West Offices has worked

The Councils decision to promote York as a “Party City” has also backfired with rowdy groups producing an intimidating atmosphere in some parts of the City centre even during the day (as well as the evening). That policy needs to be reviewed quickly

The Council must also ensure that its activities programmes for younger people are refreshed. The May  issue of their Shine magazine can be downloaded by clicking here

 The last Council drastically cut Youth Services while at the same time removing subsidies from local community centres. The latter decision means that centres are now dependent entirely on voluntary effort to stay open. With potential volunteers often working themselves during the day, that could mean that valuable community resources could lie unused for much of the summer.

All in all, the York Council and its partners need to rethink their approach to crime and the causes of crime.

Details of 247 “anti social behavior” cases released by York Council

anti social behavior

The York Council has been forced to release details of the 247 cases of anti social behaviour which it claims that its new “hub” has dealt with.
The list includes the general location of the cases and the type of problem caused.
However the stats are not broken down by ward and  individual addresses have not been published.
The list can be found by clicking here