Windsor Garth parking lay-by location options revealed

Local Councillor Andrew Waller is consulting local residents about the new proposals to install additional parking lay-bys on Windsor Garth.

Cllr Andrew Waller

The options are the latest in a series of plans which are aimed at reducing congestion on the narrow roads in the Kingsway/Hob Moor estate.

Several other options have been discounted either for practical reasons or because they did not represent value for money.

Residents had their  say in response to a survey conducted a year ago. Subsequently a plan to provide a lay-by outside the flats on Newbury Avenue ran into delays caused by difficulties in relocating telecoms cabinets. That plan is now expected to be implemented in the spring.

The need for better parking has become even more urgent with the Council having decided to redevelop the Windsor House/Lincoln Court area on Ascot Way. The published plans for the new buildings do not include sufficient “on site” parking space according to many residents.

The Westfield Ward delegated budget includes funding to provide up to 11 additional spaces during the current financial year. Potential locations near Kempton Close and Beverley Court have now been identified. (see plan below)

Residents have a choice of implementing option 2 or 3 this year.

Option 6 will be done as well unless there are strong objections from local residents. .

It is likely that the spaces will use matrix surfacing. This allows grass to grow though the matrix providing a “natural” appearance while also allowing “soak away” drainage.

Any work must be completed before the end of March.

Parking lay-by options in Windsor Garth area January 2019



Action on Bachelor Hill by local Councillor Andrew Waller

Can and litter collected over the weekend

Cans and litter collected over the weekend

Fly tipping reported last week still not cleared

Fly tipping, reported last week, still not cleared

Andrew Waller was out and about helping to tidy up Bachelor Hill this weekend

A large number of cans were removed.

Some fly tipping, first reported on 5th February, was still there and has been reported again as has a full poop scoop bin.

Bachelor Hill is one of the areas targeted for a clean up as part of the “Great British Spring Clean” which is taking place on the afternoon of Saturday  4th March



In the meantime users of the area are being asked to use the new litter bin which has been provided and to do a little self help litter control.





Woodlands play area almost ready for reopening

Woodlands playground refurbished

Woodlands playground refurbished

Hedges next to cycle path being trimmed back

Hedges next to cycle path being trimmed back

Workers were today putting the finishing touches to the refurbished Woodlands play area on Teal Drive/Bellhouse Way.

Hedges area being cut and all the safety surfaces have been renewed.

Children are likely to attend an “opening” later in the week.

Full marks to Rowntrees for talking to the local Residents Association about the future of the playground which had been locked closed for over 12 months.

Responding to a survey organised by Liberal Democrat Andrew Waller last month, 88% of residents said that they wanted the Woodlands play area to be open at least at weekends.

NB. Part of the overgrown hedge blocking the cycle path has also now been cut back.