Morrisons in Acomb applies to sell alcohol until midnight each day

Morrison’s supermarket in Acomb has applied to open from 7:00pm until midnight each day.

Morrisons Acomb

The license application to the City of York Council also means that alcohol sales would be available for the same period.

A similar application has been submitted for Morrison’s Foss Islands store.

There have been sporadic problems with anti social behaviour at night in the Front Street area and the car park has been a magnet for some trouble makers. The store is also located quite close to residential properties so there is bound to be anxiety about the impact of the proposal.Morrisons Oct 2015

Representations to the application must be made in writing to City of York, Licensing Services, Hazel Court EcoDepot, James Street, York. Y010 3DS. Representations must be received within a 28 day period beginning the first day after the application is made.    Residents have until 20th November to raise any objections with the Council Email: Tel 552512

The store currently opens between 8:00am and 9:00pm each day except Sunday when the hours are 10:00am to 4:00pm

A similar application for extended hours was recently submitted by the Lidl store on Thanet Road.

Latest planning applications for the Acomb and Westfield Wards

Lidl Thanet RoadLidl store to open from 7:00am to 10:00pm, 7 days a week

 Currently the store is open between 8:00am and 10:00pm except on Sundays when the hours are 10:00am to 4:00pm

Below are the latest planning applications received by the York Council for the Acomb and Westfield wards.



Location:       54 Cranbrook Road York YO26 5JA

Proposal:       Single storey rear extension and dormer to side

Ref No: 15/01858/FUL

Applicant:      Mr And Mrs Ward Contact:        Mr Jake Clay    Consultation Expiry Date:       19 October 2015 Case Officer:   David Johnson   Expected Decision Level:        DEL


Location:       17 Knapton Lane York YO26 5PX

Proposal:       Single storey side extension and replacement roof to existing rear extension

Ref No: 15/02057/FUL

Applicant:      Miss Jeannie Freeman    Contact:        Mr Robert Peacock       Consultation Expiry Date:       19 October 2015 Case Officer:   Carolyn Howarth Expected Decision Level:        DEL



Location:       Lidl Thanet Road York YO24 4PE

Proposal:       Variation of condition 22 of permitted application 09/02284/FULM to alter opening hours to between 07.00-22.00 Monday-Sunday

Ref No: 15/02165/FULM

Applicant:      Lidl UK GmbH    Contact Mr Nick Scott   Consultation Expiry Date        19 October 2015 Case Officer:   Victoria Bell   Expected Decision Level DEL


 Representations can be made in favour of, or in objection to, any application via the Planning on line web site.

The Council now no longer routinely consults neighbours by letter when an application is received

Knapton Lane development shock

Developers are advertising a drop in event at which they hope to gather support for the development of land on Knapton Lane.

Area of land being considered for development

Area of land being considered for development

The land lies on the outskirts of the current built up area and has been regarded as falling within the Green Belt.

 Indigo Planning, are a town planning consultancy who say they are working on behalf of the owners of the land north of Knapton Lane (YO26 5PX).

In a local advert they say, “We would like to hear your views about the proposals for a residential development on the site and will be holding a drop-in event on Tuesday 30 June between2:30pm and 7:30pm at:

Acomb Parish Church Hall,
Front Street,
YO24 3BX

You’ll also have an opportunity to speak with members of the team and ask them any questions you may have. The team will also be able to advise the proposed timelines for the development and the ways in which you may share your feedback.

We’ll be updating this website with all of the information from the event, so please check back after 30 June for more information. We’ll also be providing an online feedback form so that you can share your thoughts and views on the proposals”.

The proposal will come as a surprise to many residents.

The new Council has yet to revise the draft Local Plan and peripheral development like this is likely to be highly controversial.

Chance to vote for 2nd Acomb St Stephens Scout Group refurbishment project – closes on 30th May 2015

Over 600 votes have been recorded in favour of a project which would allow the Acomb Sea scouts to refurbish their HQ.

Specifically the 50 year old building needs a new roof.

The Scouts are hoping to get the money from the Aviva Community Fund details of which you can find by clicking here.

Anyone can register their support for this or or worthy projects

You can vote for the Acomb Sea Scouts project by clicking here

Photos of work needed at scout HQ

Photos of work needed at scout HQ

Beckfield Lane weight restriction restored

Following a lengthy campaign by local Liberal Democrats, the weight restriction signs on Beckfield Lane have been restored.

Beckfield Lane weight restriction signs 3rd March 2015

Beckfield Lane weight restriction signs 3rd March 2015

Beckfield Lane signs blanked out until 3rd March 2015

Beckfield Lane signs blanked out until 3rd March 2015

The signs were blanked out last summer when road resurfacing works were taking place on the A1237 and diversions were in operation.

But when the road works were finished, the signs remained blanked out.

Now, nearly 9 months later, the weight restrictions have been reinstated.

The York Council has so far failed to offer any explanation for the delay.