34 years after residents petitioned for it, the Acomb Market is flourishing today

1982 petition collected by Liberal Councillor Bill Fairclough

1982 petition collected by Liberal Councillor Bill Fairclough

It’s 34 years since a campaign was launched to improve shopping facilities in the Acomb Front Street area.

A new supermarket came many years ago but it was not until the independent Acomb Alive traders group arrived that a street market actually took off.

The market is open until 3:00pm today (Saturday)

Preserves Popcorn Meat Fruit & Veg stallcakes

Crowdfunding appeal for more Christmas lights in Acomb

The, trader led, Acomb Alive organisation has been involved in the installation of small illuminated Christmas trees outside local shops (left) to create a festive atmosphere for the last few years.Christmas trees Green Lane

Acomb Alive has also funded a large Christmas tree outside the Gateway centre.

This year (2016) they would like to add to the festive atmosphere with the installation of festoon lighting in the main shopping areas.

Please support the project and help to get Acomb looking even more festive this year.

They are using the new “Spacehive” crowdfunding site which has already had at least one success this year.

You can access details of the project and follow its progress by clicking here.