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Acomb Green Improvement Plan


Acomb Green Development Plan (Draft)

The following draft development plan is based upon the Green Flag Award judging criteria, which is the standard management plan structure for formal green spaces across York, and the rest of the country. These management and development proposals aim to bring together the needs and desire of the local community, the City of York Council Parks & Open Spaces Service, The Friends of Acomb Green and the local Ward Committees. Once agreed, we will all then have a shared vision for the Green that we can work towards. Some of the proposals will take significant investment and so should be seen as aspirations rather than firm management commitments.

Please give feedback either direct to the Parks & Open Spaces Service by emailing or calling 0777 194 1155, or go through the Friends of Acomb Green by contacting John Henderson (Secretary) at 

The Plan:

A Welcoming Place:
Improve entrance at NW corner.
– Add extra flag stones or replace existing flags with crushed stone or other hard surface       
– Improve entrance to war memorial to allow disabled access. Current paved entrance is not accessible. Link path to gate at top of play area to enjoy views across the green    
– Add extra barriers at entrances without them to deter children from running straight onto the roads. Simple 1m wide wooden fence set back from the main fence (as in other areas of the green) would suffice (these need to be large enough for scooters and prams)       
– Add just 1 signs to entrances. Format yet to be decided – whether small signs or full size interpretation panels. No need for more than 1 sign.       
– Install more benches but space these out to deter groups hanging out on them. Utilise the existing bench donation scheme to raise funds. Look at the possibility of adding a path inside the fence, around the perimeter of the green 

Healthy, Safe & Secure:       
– Replace concrete steps and assess the possibility of adding a method of pushing cycles up and down (like on the Cinder Lane path)    
– Replace handrails along steps from southern edge   
– Install handrail along steps on northern edge      
– Resurface path inbetween the two steps
– Maintain the ‘thin’ shrub beds around the War Memorial to keep an open feel to deter antisocial behaviour·    
– Add small signs on the exit (facing out) to warn of exit direct onto roads 

Clean & Well Maintained:       
– Remove the privet ‘Daleks’ (single bushes) from bank on southern perimeter.       
– Remove grass and clear mud from the concrete steps
– Gap up privet hedge around war memorial
– Replace or restore damaged bins and dog bins. Paint red dog bin green, like the others on the green.
– Add dog bin to NW corner entrance      
– Paint railings around play area       
– Clean (and paint??) perimeter wooden fence       
– Asses the vehicular entrance gate (half way along western edge) for suitability of hosting larger events such as the summer fair. Does it need a drop kerb or hard surface?       
– Replace missing bench tops at NW corner and in play area       
– Edge off the turf at borders with shrub beds. Carry out at least annually     
– Longer term plan to improve the play equipment in the play area

– Re-use woodchips from trees work on shrub beds in war memorial
– If none available, replace wood chips in war memorial with chips from locally felled trees
– Use peat free grown plants when sourcing new plants 

Conservation & Heritage:
– Plant native Bluebells under trees in SW corner of Green      
– Plant extra trees on the banks along southern and northern boundaries       
– Restore the ‘Silver Jubilee’ memorial in the NW corner      
– Add bird boxes and bat boxes to trees around the Green       
– Remove gappy privet hedges from the perimeter       
– Add wildflower plugs to the bank on southern edge. Try to establish a wildflower bank with suitable native species. To be cut and raked in August. Try for a few years before looking at more radical options of establishment     
– Replace the dated street lights along path across the green with something more sympathetic to the green and local area     
– Where safe and appropriate, leave standing dead wood when arboricultural work is necessary 

Community Involvement:
– Continuation of the Friends group. Expand the group to include more local residents.
– Support as needed by the Parks & Open Spaces Service and Ward Committees
– Improve communications between the friends, ward committees and Parks Service.
– Offer educational sessions to local schools and informal sessions with scout groups etc       
– Investigate the possibility of using Brunswick Organic Nurseries to carry out annual management of the wildflower bank       
– Organise work parties as necessary with the Friends group for practical site management       
– Use the Community Payback Team for some site maintenance tasks such as painting railings       
– Organise one summer fair per year       
– Circulate this document throughout the local community for feedback on a shared vision for the green

– Install one interpretation board for the site detailing various points of interest       
– Improve CYC web site information about the green      
– Friends of Acomb Green to develop a web site       
– Friends of Acomb Green to produce a newsletter (annually or more frequent?) to keep members are residents informed

Survey results for Hamilton Drive and Severus Street areas

With over 40% of the survey forms now returned from residents living in these areas opinions have become clearer.

There is little support for changes to Green Lane (either road humps or cycle lanes) but there is a lot of backing for the provision of a Vehicle Activated Speed warning sign. We hope to progress this suggestion later in the year.

In Severus Street and Howe Street residents have given their backing to the conversion of the York Road pedestrian crossing into a Toucan Crossing (which will assist cyclists to get across what is a busy road).

Residents  are overwhelmingly opposed to gating the rear alleys and to the introduction of a ResPark scheme. Views are mixed about introducing a 20 mph limit with several residents saying that the street is too short for it to have much effect.

New Recycling Boxes On The Way


(Lib Dem Executive Member for Neighbourhood Services Cllr Ann Reid with the new boxes)

Over the coming 5 months, City of York Council will be delivering new kerbside recycling boxes to 66,650 homes across the city.

You will receive two new boxes to go alongside your existing green box. One new box will be used for glass and the other new box will be for paper and cardboard. Your existing green box is to be used for plastic bottles and cans.

In order to cut down on the problem of paper blowing across the streets on windy days that many of you have contacted me about the new boxes come will complete with lids. You will also receive a net to use on your existing recycling box.

Having recycling sorted into three boxes will make collection quicker and easier for our crews and the efficiency savings this will generate will allow us to roll out kerbside recycling to those areas of the city that currently don’t have a collection.

York’s recycling rate has increased from 12% in 2003 to more than 45% in 2009, saving the city millions of pounds in landfill taxes and reducing the impact on the environment.

Delivery of the new boxes will be in two phases, phase one begins later this month and runs until the end of July. The second phase runs through September and October. No new boxes will be delivered during the school summer holidays to avoid any problems with people being on holiday and boxes being left out.

Delivery of the boxes in Westfield is spread over both phases one and two. You will receive a letter a few weeks before your box is delivered to tell you when to expect delivery. You can also check the delivery date for your street on the City of York Council website here.

The assisted service for those who have difficulty carrying their boxes to the front of the property will continue.

If you have any questions about the new boxes you can read a list of frequently asked questions here or call York Customer Contact Centre on 01904 551551

One way system backed for Gladstone Street and Milner Street

Residents responding to our door to door survey have endorsed the idea of having a one way system in Gladstone Street and Milner Street. The proposal will now be considered by the Council on 6th July.

Residents in Beaconsfield Street and School Street opted to retain 2 way working.

The majority were also opposed to introducing alleygating.

However residents in all streets supported the idea of having a 20 mph speed limit.

The most mentioned issue concerned the new waste collection arrangements.

Please  don’t forget to give your opinions on waste collection at the drop in session on Tuesday 25th May in The Gateway Centre (8:00am to 7:00pm) 

Coalition policies backed by Westfield residents

Residents living in the Green Lane, Milner, Gladstone, School and Beaconsfield Street areas have given their views on national and local priorities.

Asked to rate the key policies emerging for the new Coalition government residents rated the following as the most important policies:

1. Workers earning up to £10,000 will not pay any income tax (gradual introduction).

2. Increase basic state pensions from April 2011 with a guarantee that they are raised by the higher of earnings, prices or 2.5%.

3. Real terms extra money for the NHS each year

4. Scrapping plans requiring people to carry ID cards

Asked about local investment priorities, the 3 most popular were:

1. Repairing roads and footpaths

2. Reopening the Barbican concert hall

3. Providing more affordable housing

NB. A decision on the future of the Barbican auditorium will be made in the autumn. Negotiations with potential management companies are currently taking place.

A full copy of the coalition policy prospectus can be found at

Green Lane survey results

VASWe’ve been out this week in the Green Lane area surveying resident’s views on possible changes to traffic arrangements.

With over 50% of forms returned, we had a very good response rate. In summary the results are:

  • Residents support the provision of a speed indicator sign similar to that provided on Wetherby Road. (see photo)
  • Resident’s have voted, by a large majority, not to have traffic calming measures installed (either speed cushions or speed tables) on Green Lane.
  • Residents are also opposed to the provision of an off carriageway cycle path (although this wouldn’t have been practical on most of the length of the lane anyway because of the trees)

It is likely that the sign, together with the provision of an on carrigeway advisory cycle lane, will be endorsed when the issue is decided by the Council on 6th July.

Separately. residents gave the thumbs up to using the Lowfields school site (the footprint of the former buildings) for use as either elderly persons accommodation or a army cadet HQ. Many residents stressed that they wanted the green area to be retained and improved – possibly with part of it being used as a nature reserve. It is likely to be several months before any proposals are put forward for this site. 

The issue raised by the largest number of residents concerned poor parking near the Fish and Chip shop. It is likely that there will be more enforcement action taken in the area.

New card payment option for parking


New ticket machines have been fitted in the Piccadilly car park. The new system is proving to be popular with 14% of transactions already being made by either a charge or credit card.

It is likely that the equipment will be rolled out to other car parks in the City.

The service was launched with Adam Sinclair who chairs the City’s Business Development Forum

New Foxwood Playground Launched

Foxwood Playground

Assistant Chief Constable Tim Magwick joined local residents and Council staff at the launch of the new playground on Foxwood Lane today. The equipment is already proving to be very popular with children with an estimated 500 having already visited the playground. It is hoped that a similar facility will be provided on the Grange Lane park later in the year.

Local Councillor Steve Galloway said, ” The playground is proving to be very popular with children. Working with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team, the Council is trying to provide facilities which address some of the boredom issues raised by younger teenagers. I am grateful to the staff who have worked very had to provide this new facility which has the advantage of being both robust and challenging for active youngsters”

New Neighbourhood Policing team/Opening hours of Acomb Police office

Residents can contact the local Police team at the following Email addresses:


  • lindsey.robson


  • mark.antonelli
  • paul.maloney


  • chris.upton
  • jan.overhill
  • chris.simpson
  • matthew.cockerill
  • grace.holohan
  • laura.nunnen


They can, of course, also be contacted via 0845 60 60 24 7

The newly re-opened Acomb Police Station on York Road is available as follows:

  • Monday / Saturday 10am to 12 noon
  • Tuesday / Friday 2pm to 4pm
  • Wednesday / Thursday 6pm to 8pm

Local Roads & Footpaths Included In 2010/11 Resurfacing Programme

Last night the list of roads to be resurfaced by City of York Council over the next year was agreed by Liberal Democrat Executive Member for Neighbourhood Services, Councillor Ann Reid.

The list was boosted by an extra £1m investment in resurfacing that was agreed as part of the Liberal Democrat budget last month. The extra money was invested following the results of the public consultation which showed that the condition of roads and footpaths was the top priority for residents.

A number of roads and footpaths in Westfield have been included on the list, they are:

Hamilton Drive/Tudor Road Roundabout

Queenswood Grove(part)
Tithe Close
Parker Avenue
Hotham Avenue

It was also agreed that investigative work will take place with a view to carrying out surface water drainage improvements near the shops on Cornlands Road and on The Green (near Weatherby Road).

The programme, which was also included in the Lib Dem budget, has been ongoing for the last two years and aims to make minor improvements to drainage to help cut down on flooding caused by heavy rain.

Once details of when the work will take place are available I will post them here.