Whatever happened to York’s salvage and re-use centre?

Well we know that it was one of the first cuts that Labour made when they took office in 2011.

Whatever happened to the salvage and re-use centre

The project was to have replaced the Beckfield Lane recycling centre but would have offered much more.

Its priority would have been to encourage the re-use of unwanted items. Currently only informal on-line groups like Freecycle address this need.

Only when the re-use option was exhausted would materials have been salvaged. For example, there is a ready market for building materials such as timber, bricks and hard-core.

Not only was the Beckfield Lane site closed but the replacement – which would probably have been located at Harewood Whin – was also scrapped.

In part the decision contributed to the decline in recycling rates in the City and an inexorable rise in Landfill Tax costs.

The £2 million salvage centre would have paid for itself by now.

Sadly many residents resort to dumping items. One armchair has found its way onto a verge on Gale Lane today. Although some of these items are picked up by “rag and bone” men, many have to be removed by the Council.

Dumped mattresses are a particular problem for those lacking transport to get to the remaining 2 civic tips.

The York Council now charges £40 to remove up to 10 bulky waste items

Small wonder that so many residents are petitioning their objections to reduced waste collection frequencies and the prospect of a £35/£37 pa charge for emptying green garden waste bins.

Andrew Waller says Council must act on poor road surfaces

York Road poor surface 2

York Road poor surface

The number of complaints about poor road and footpath surfaces is increasing.

The Council has cut a further £300,000 off its resurfacing budget this year, so the only hope for significant improvement would be for a change in political control of the York Council on May 7th.

As we reported 3 years ago one of Labours first acts when taking office locally was to slash the highways maintenance budget.

Meanwhile Westfield Councillor Andrew Waller has called for early attention to road surfaces, like these in Acomb, which are becoming unsafe.


Wetherby Road traffic speeds – residents act

Speed signs Wetherby Road 2

Speed signs Wetherby Road

As we have reported before, residents are becoming irritated by the large proportion of drivers who are activating the 30 mph warning signs.

There have been no police checks on speeds for several years with the road excluded from the list of mobile camera sites.

A few weeks ago the Police launched their self help speed monitor but it is a time consuming and often ineffective way of controlling speeds.

There is a particular problem on Wetherby Road as residents need to reverse into their driveways and visibility is limited.

The Council has made provision in its budget to refresh the flashing Vehicle Activated Signs but when this will happen remains to be seen.

Meanwhile more basic signs have appeared on the road.

Wetherby Road VAS

Wetherby Road VAS


Woman, 21, robbed by three masked men in Foxwood

A WOMAN has been assaulted and robbed by three men wearing scarves over their faces in Foxwood.

The 21-year-old was on a path between Rogers Court and Lydham Court in Acomb when she was approached from behind by three men, assaulted and money was taken from her purse.
The robbery happened on April 1 at about 7.15pm.

North Yorkshire Police are appealing for any information about the attack.

The attackers are described as a man wearing a grey tracksuit top and bottoms, with a dark blue Adidas logo on the top left side of his top. His face was covered with a plain black scarf.

Another was about 6ft tall, wearing a black Nike hooded top, with a distinctive skull-patterned scarf covering his face.

The other was a man wearing blue “Cross Hatch” jeans and a blue hooded top with a red logo on the top left side. He was wearing a distinctive pink and blue scarf across his face.

Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 2 and ask for PC Ben Stevens – or email benjamin.stevens@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk.

Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. No personal details are taken, information cannot be traced or recorded and you will not go to court.

Please quote incident number 12150053766 when passing on any information about this incident.

Acomb car park potholes to be repaired

Pothole in Acomb car park

Pothole in Acomb car park

Morrison’s have confirmed that their maintenance manager has carried out a survey of the Acomb store and it is included in the first batch of stores this year to have car park works undertaken – this includes pot hole repairs and drainage works.

The work is currently being priced by contractors and will, we understand, “commence in the next 2 weeks”.

Residents had complained about potholes particularly those near the entrance to the car park which pose a hazard for pedestrians.

LibDem Councillor reporting increased problems with public service quality

Andrew Waller has been out and about inspecting public service standards in the Westfield area. Here are some of the issues that he has reported.

Blocked  drain on Moorgate

Blocked drain on Moorgate

Overflowing poop scoop bin in Grange Lane

Overflowing poop scoop bin in Grange Lane

Junction box on Bramham Road damaged

Junction box on Bramham Road damaged

Blocked drain on Bramham Road

Blocked drain on Bramham Road

Overflowing cigarete  bin on Front Street

Overflowing cigarete bin on Front Street

Only one plot remaining at Hob Moor “Hobstone” development

Only one of the new houses being built on the Windsor Garth development is still for sale according to developers.

Hobstone brochure

The remaining property is a 2 bedroomed house which is listed at £170,000.

14 of the 55 units being built on the site are for sale (the rest will be rented by Yorkshire Housing)

The development has been criticised, not least for it’s high density levels. Originally the site was to have had only 29 units constructed. They would have been restricted to the “footprint” of the old school building.

Completion of the development later this year can’t come soon enough for existing residents living  in the area.

They blame construction traffic for damage to local roads, footpaths, verges and the Moor itself.

Liberal Democrats announce details of 47 candidates for York Council elections on May 7th

A full list of candidates for the York Council elections on May 7th is now available from the LibDem web site.

Local residents Sue Hunter, Sheena Jackson and Cllr Andrew Waller will contest the Westfield ward for the LibDems

Local residents Sue Hunter, Sheena Jackson and Cllr Andrew Waller will contest the Westfield ward for the LibDems

Wherever possible, local ward branches have selected candidates who live in or near the neighbourhoods that they seek to represent.

The other parties have also announced most of their candidates and it looks like around 200 – a record number – will be contesting the elections which take place on the same day as the parliamentary poll.

Click here for details of the LibDem candidates.

Policy manifestos are expected to be published in early April

The current make up of the Council is

Lab – 21

LibDem – 9

Tory – 9

Green – 2

Ind Lab – 2

Ind – 4