Crowdfunding appeal for more Christmas lights in Acomb

The, trader led, Acomb Alive organisation has been involved in the installation of small illuminated Christmas trees outside local shops (left) to create a festive atmosphere for the last few years.Christmas trees Green Lane

Acomb Alive has also funded a large Christmas tree outside the Gateway centre.

This year (2016) they would like to add to the festive atmosphere with the installation of festoon lighting in the main shopping areas.

Please support the project and help to get Acomb looking even more festive this year.

They are using the new “Spacehive” crowdfunding site which has already had at least one success this year.

You can access details of the project and follow its progress by clicking here.

New children’s play plan for York to be discussed

A new plan for play provision in York will be considered at a meeting next week.
strimming needed under play equipment in GBrange lane park

Strimming needed under play equipment in Grange Lane park

The City has £415,000 available to invest in new play provision. However, many existing sites are being excluded from consideration for improvement because they have “recently” had investment from the Playbuilder programme, the National Lottery or similar.

That means that 4 sites in Westfield – Chesney’s Field, (Foxwood Lane) Playbuilder 2009/10, Grange Lane Playbuilder & Yorventure 2010/11, Acomb Green Big Lottery Fund 2012 and Cornlands Road 106 and Yorventure – will not benefit.

It seems a shame to us that resources are not to be distributed based on the number of children resident in each area.

Westfield's newest playground located in the Cornlands park is increasingly popular

Westfield’s newest playground – located in the Cornlands park – is increasingly popular


It does mean though that some playgrounds, like the one in the Tedder Road park, may qualify for an uplift. The absence of a playground aimed at children living in the Kingsway West area has been an issue for a long time so perhaps that neighbourhood also may benefit.

Suggestions are being invited through the summer edition of “Shine”

The report also talks about high usage playgrounds being inspected each week to ensure regular maintenance and repair work is carried out.

Wetherby Road speed limits to change

The Council has today agreed to impose a 40 mph speed limit on Wetherby Road (and Bland Lane) between the A1237 and the built up area. Signage is also to be improved.

It is hoped that the buffer zone will encourage drivers to slow down before they reach the 30 mph limit. A similar buffer zone on Askham Lane has not proved to be very successful 

We have doubts about this plan which will do nothing to control the speed of vehicles leaving the City. An occasional visit by the speed camera van would be more effective as a deterrent.

However the re-election of the old crime commissioner recently means that speed enforcement will continue to be focused on villages and trunk roads. The later produce the bulk of the nearly £1 million income that the North Yorkshire police derive from the camera vans.

Wetherby Road speed limits

Action taken to report issues in the Hob Moor area

Ascot Way area should be used to ease car parking problems

Unused area on Ascot Way should be used to ease car parking problems

We've reported that repairs are need to bus stop bording areas on Hamilton Drive

We’ve reported that repairs are needed to bus stop boarding areas on Hamilton Drive

Kick about area needs litter removing

“Kick about area” needs litter removing

Carriageway is uneven at Quuenswood Grove/ Hamilton Drive junction

Carriageway is uneven at Queenswood Grove/Hamilton Drive junction

Salt bin on Ascot Way has been vandalised

Salt bin on Ascot Way has been vandalised

cat found

Cat found

Green waste dumped next to Hob Moor beck

Green and other waste dumped next to Hob Moor beck

Road markings in Middleton Road hammerhead have worn away

Road markings in Stuart Road hammerhead have worn away

Latest planning applications for the Westfield Ward

Below are the latest planning applications received by the York Council for the Westfield ward.

Full details can be found by clicking the words highlighted in blue


43 Front Street

43 Front Street

Mustgetgear Ltd 43 Front Street York YO24 3BR

Alterations to shop and shop front and the addition of 2no. flats including a two storey extension to the rear after the demolition of an existing two storey extension and outbuildings

Ref. No: 16/01014/FUL 


20 Askham Grove York YO24 3HE

Erection of single storey extension extending 4.5 metres beyond the rear wall of the original house, with a height to the eaves of 3 metres and a total height of 3 metres

Ref. No: 16/00986/LHE 


 Representations can be made in favour of, or in objection to, any application via the Planning on line web site.

The Council now no longer routinely consults neighbours by letter when an application is received