Traffic speed on Wetherby Road

Traffic speeds on Wetherby Road have been checked again following the installation of speed warning signs 3 years ago.

The recorded average speed was 31 mph with 85% of drivers travelling below 35 mph. This is fairly typical for main arterial roads which have a 30 mph limit.. The highest recorded speed was 71 mph but this was registered at 5:30am and could have been an emergency vehicle responding to a call (the recording equipment cannot distinguish between different types of vehicle).

Cllr Sue Galloway made representations to a meeting which took place on 4th January when speed checks for several roads across the City, including Wetherby Road, were considered.

The meeting agreed to consider what additional engineering measures might be introduced to deter speeding. Unfortunately the Police continue to rule out the use of mobile speed cameras and installing humps, on a busy road, is unlikely to be popular with neighbouring property owners.

Green Lane survey results

VASWe’ve been out this week in the Green Lane area surveying resident’s views on possible changes to traffic arrangements.

With over 50% of forms returned, we had a very good response rate. In summary the results are:

  • Residents support the provision of a speed indicator sign similar to that provided on Wetherby Road. (see photo)
  • Resident’s have voted, by a large majority, not to have traffic calming measures installed (either speed cushions or speed tables) on Green Lane.
  • Residents are also opposed to the provision of an off carriageway cycle path (although this wouldn’t have been practical on most of the length of the lane anyway because of the trees)

It is likely that the sign, together with the provision of an on carrigeway advisory cycle lane, will be endorsed when the issue is decided by the Council on 6th July.

Separately. residents gave the thumbs up to using the Lowfields school site (the footprint of the former buildings) for use as either elderly persons accommodation or a army cadet HQ. Many residents stressed that they wanted the green area to be retained and improved – possibly with part of it being used as a nature reserve. It is likely to be several months before any proposals are put forward for this site. 

The issue raised by the largest number of residents concerned poor parking near the Fish and Chip shop. It is likely that there will be more enforcement action taken in the area.

New card payment option for parking


New ticket machines have been fitted in the Piccadilly car park. The new system is proving to be popular with 14% of transactions already being made by either a charge or credit card.

It is likely that the equipment will be rolled out to other car parks in the City.

The service was launched with Adam Sinclair who chairs the City’s Business Development Forum

Local Roads & Footpaths Included In 2010/11 Resurfacing Programme

Last night the list of roads to be resurfaced by City of York Council over the next year was agreed by Liberal Democrat Executive Member for Neighbourhood Services, Councillor Ann Reid.

The list was boosted by an extra £1m investment in resurfacing that was agreed as part of the Liberal Democrat budget last month. The extra money was invested following the results of the public consultation which showed that the condition of roads and footpaths was the top priority for residents.

A number of roads and footpaths in Westfield have been included on the list, they are:

Hamilton Drive/Tudor Road Roundabout

Queenswood Grove(part)
Tithe Close
Parker Avenue
Hotham Avenue

It was also agreed that investigative work will take place with a view to carrying out surface water drainage improvements near the shops on Cornlands Road and on The Green (near Weatherby Road).

The programme, which was also included in the Lib Dem budget, has been ongoing for the last two years and aims to make minor improvements to drainage to help cut down on flooding caused by heavy rain.

Once details of when the work will take place are available I will post them here.

New Vehicles Set To Boost Dial & Ride Service


City of York Council’s popular Dial and Ride services is set to benefit from two brand new vehicles later this year after the decision was taken to allocated extra funding to the scheme.

The Dial and Ride service provides a door to door service to a variety of locations across the city including Clifton Moor, Monks Cross and the city centre, as well as providing transport to the new Energise swimming pool and sports centre. 

The new buses (which will be similar to the one pictured above) offer better access for disabled people with a single low step entry and a ramp to the side door, which provides easier access compared to a rear wheelchair lift.

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Congestion Charging

Labour Councillors have revived their idea of a “congestion charge”. It would mean drivers paying extra to access the City and is similar to the one introduced in London.However, unlike London, York doesn’t have an alternative like the “Tube”.

The move, which is promoted in a survey recently issued by the Council, has produced an angry reaction from traders, drivers and the Liberal Democrats. Spokesman Steve Galloway has condemned the tax as “unnecessary, ill-judged and likely to be highly damaging to the local economy. Customers and jobs will be lost to local competitor City’s like Leeds”. “What is needed is for more investment by the government in public transport and congestion relief. Instead Labour nationally gives priority to the south east while locally they are even opposing new off road cycle routes which could help to ease congestion”.


Although not popular with everyone, the ftr has become a familiar sight on the number 4 bus service which serves the Westfield area. The Council’s agreement with First on the use of the ftr extends to May 2011. There has been some speculation that the ftr will be switched at that time to another route in the City. This speculation is premature as the Council and First are just starting discussions about more general improvements to bus services across the City and these are unlikely to be concluded before Autumn 2010