Lots to enjoy in Acomb sunshine today

One of the most peaceful places to visit on a Sunday afternoon. Surprisingly large and quiet St Stephen’s churchyard in central Acomb.

We should make more of this one of York’s best ,but least known, assets

Grange Lane park also looking tidy although as we will reveal tomorrow there is another side to this particular story

York Community Stadium – opening delayed

It will come as no surprise to many that the scheduled opening date for the York Community stadium has been put back.

We warned that the July opening date was highly optimistic.

The Council are staying tight lipped about when they hope that the stadium and associated leisure facilities will eventually open.

The Knights Rugby team are already rescheduling the venues for their fixtures against the Bradford Bulls (20th July) and Featherstone Rovers (18th August).

It seems unlikely that the stadium will be available for the start of the new football season on 3rd/10th August

Given that Spurs are now looking at a full 9 month delay on their new home no doubt the building contractors will be ultra cautious in saying when work will be completed.

At least poor weather can’t be blamed for any delays.


Lowfields residents update newsletter. Parking plan criticised as inadequate

The Lowfield Residents Group have criticised the Councils plan to provide only 2 alternative off street spaces to replace a parking lay-by on Tudor Road.  They are circulating a newsletter to affected residents (see below)

The existing 4 space lay-by will be lost when the Council, starts work on providing a new access road into the Lowfield site.

Part of the garden of an adjacent flat block (108 Tudor Road) is being used to provide 4 spaces but residents point out that Tudor Road, along with the adjacent Gale Lane, has on street parking restrictions.

This means that the Tudor Road bays are heavily used.  Occasionally drivers park on the garage forecourt opposite causing an obstruction.

More parking spaces are required.

At the other end of Tudor Road (low numbered) a communal housing experiment will see only 12 parking spaces provided for 19 properties. Some of the properties have 4 bedrooms. The occupants of similar properties elsewhere often have 2 or 3 cars.

All in all, we don’t think that the Council has got its transport and parking policies for the development right yet.

Ironically The Press is today running a story saying that life expectancy in the Westfield Ward is the lowest of any in the City.

We’ve pointed out to the Council that its relentless attack on open space and sports provision in the area is partly to blame.

Loss of the football pitch at Lowfields  is a major factor as is the threat to the bowling green on Front Street, the erosion of the Hob Moor playing field and the loss of the Kingsway all weather games area.

The playing field associated with Our Lady’s school has, of course, already been built on.

Free use of the Barbican on offer

York-based groups, clubs and community organisations are invited to apply for a concessionary day’s hire of York Barbican next year.

The council is offering the concessionary days as part of its lease agreement with the Barbican’s operators, SMG. We’re interested in hearing from organisations which would like to take up one of the two opportunities available in 2020.

To be eligible to apply for a concessionary day, proposed events should:

  • Provide activities or entertainment that appeals to the widest cross-section of the local community
  • Be open and accessible to all with no restricted access
  • Promote the council’s objectives of residents having good quality opportunities, access to community facilities and being listened to
  • and, where possible, enhance campaigns or programmes being delivered by the council and our partners.

Priority will be given to events that:

  • Have a high-quality programme
  • Engage communities e.g. through participation opportunities for local residents.

The successful organisations won’t have to pay rental fees or charges for backstage and front of house facilities, technical equipment, front of house management or stewarding.  However, the concessionary days will not cover items such as box office and credit card commission, marketing and additional staff for duties such as loading and unloading production equipment.

Events that are primarily designed to be fund-raisers are not supported.

For further information about the Barbican concessionary days email charlie.croft@york.gov.uk. Please submit any applications by Tuesday 5 March 2019 to the same email address. Applicants will be informed of the outcome promptly after that date.

Rowntrees promise environmental uplift over next couple of weeks

JRHT have responded to complaints about vandalism and litter in the Teal Drive play area.

They are considering whether the children’s slide can be repaired. It may have to be removed. The playground is likely to be closed in the interim.

Residents had complained about the amount of little in the park.

Elsewhere in the estate the hedge which lies between Wenham Road and the Foxwood Park will be cut down shortly (it blocks an access path) and leaf detritus will be swept up.

Wenham Road hedge will be lopped and leaves swept up

The slide in the playground has been vandalised and may have to be removed.

Litter is a constant problem on the playground