Blackout raises concerns that VIP may get lost tonight


Andrew has been out and about reporting faulty street lights.

Amongst those found  not to be working, and causing problems for residents, are three at the Acomb Green/Askham Lane junction

  • Streetlight 13 The Green – bulb not working
  • Streetlight 14  The Green – no lamp attached
  • Streetlight 1 Askham Lane  – no lamp attached

Large numbers of elves are being deployed to ensure that there are no misrouting problems tonight!


Flood warning for York

A flood warning has been issued by the Environment Agency. River levels are not expected to increase to those encountered in 2012.

Click for access (commercial web site with advert)

Click for access (commercial web site with advert)

River Ouse web cam Click to access latest information

The best indicator remains the real time CCTV camera which records river levels on Kings Staith.

Click to access Environment Agency monitoring station data (central York)

Click to access Environment Agency monitoring station data (central York)

There is a significant risk If the top of the no entry sign disappears under water!

Detailed river levels can be found on the EA web site

 You can register here to receive flood warnings by phone, text or email.

Hedges still blocking footpaths

Continuing problems, with hedges blocking public footpaths, were raised by Andrew Waller at a recent Council meeting.

He asked how many reports the Council receives each year about footpaths being blocked and how long it takes to remedy problems.

Askham Lane hedge overgrown for four months

Askham Lane hedge overgrown for four months

Oldman Court path blocked since september

Oldman Court path blocked since September

He was told that “Council officers don’t currently keep records of the numbers of vegetation complaints and how they are progressing.

The estimated numbers are in the region of 500 to 600 per year mainly concentrated during the summer months.

When a complaint is made, if the address is given a letter is sent out asking the owner to rectify the situation. If the address is vague a site visit will normally be made next time someone is in the area and then a letter sent.

If no further complaints are made it is assumed that the problem has been put right. If a further complaint is made then a second letter is sent with a more formal instruction to put the situation right otherwise we (CYC) may carry out the works and recharge the costs to the owner. If there is no improvement then an instruction to cut the vegetation is issued and the cost recharged”.

We remain concerned that effective action hasn’t been taken to cut back hedges like the one adjacent to the field on Askham lane 9this has been trimmed on the road side by the Council in the past).

We are considering referring long outstanding problems for the attention of the Local Government Ombudsman

Foxwood Lane anti flooding measures near completion

Works to address flooding issues on Foxwood Lane

Works to address flooding issues on Foxwood Lane

Works are well underway to address flooding problems affecting some properties on Foxwood Lane.

One property has been empty for over a year as a result of water entering the building.

A few years ago the pumping station pumps failed and caused chaos on the street. Automatic alarms were later fitted at the pumping station to prevent a repetition of that problem.

The current works don’t increase the size of the main sewer pipe serving the area. Lack of drainage capacity effectively prevents any further building in the area

Communities urged to bid for money to set up renewable energy schemes

York residents and community groups are being urged to bid for a share of the £10m Urban Community Energy Fund.

The fund provides grants and loans to support urban communities, like York, to develop renewable energy projects.


Grants of up to £20,000 are available to help develop ideas into projects. The fund also will provide loans of up to £130,000 to develop projects through to the planning stages and to be in a position to attract funding to deliver the project.

The following groups are eligible to apply for the fund: (more…)

Wetherby Road – plans for materials recycling centre

Harewood WhinYorwaste have submitted a planning application to erect a waste transfer and recycling station at Harewood Whin

The station would be used to “bulk up” waste prior to it being transported to the new incinerator being built at Allerton Park

The applicant has agreed to unilaterally revoke earlier planning permissions for the erection of a composting operation in the southern section of the site and the erection of energy from Biomass Plant at the north western edge of the site.

51 objections to the plans have been lodged mainly by residents in the Rufforth area.

Most are concerned about the plants impact on the Green Belt.

The report, which will be considered by the Planning Committee next week, can be read here

NB The site was to have been used as a salvage and recycling centre under plans unveiled in 2011. It would have replaced the Beckfield Lane recycling centre. The Beckfield Lane site was later closed by the new Labour  administration which chose to make no alternative recycling facilities available on the west of York.

Ponding reveals blocked drains in Foxwood area

Bellhouse Way flooding

Bellhouse Way flooding

Bellwood Drive flooding

Bellwood Drive flooding

A combination of accumulated leaves and inadequate routine cleaning of drainage gullies has resulted in quite a lot of localised ponding today.

Flooding occurred on part of Bellhouse Way.

It also became clear that a blocked drain in the housing area off Bellwood Drive – which was reported over a month ago – had still not been cleared.

We have reported both issues.

Have your say on York’s Flood Risk Management Strategy

York floods Sept 2012 bar walls

Working with key partners including the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water, City of York Council has created a draft Local Flood Risk Management strategy which will go out to a six-week consultation from Wednesday 5 November until Wednesday 17 December at

A consultation questionnaire is available to complete online from this week. Alternatively, paper copies are available from libraries and Explore Centres across York, or the council’s West Offices building. Feedback can also be submitted to .

To read the full strategy, FAQs and an information leaflet visit:

The development of the strategy follows severe floods in 2007 across the UK, including York, which affected over 55,000 homes and businesses causing over £3billion worth of damage across the UK.