“Energise” Pool success


Our new local swimming pool and sports centre is proving to be a big hit with residents in the Westfield area and beyond.

Dec 2008 Edmund Wilson baths 7,362 users

Dec 2009 with the opening of Energise 9,500 users

Dry sports Dec 2008 Edmund Wilson Gym + Oaklands Sports Centre 9,400,

Dec 2009 Energise Sports Centre 10,000


Although not popular with everyone, the ftr has become a familiar sight on the number 4 bus service which serves the Westfield area. The Council’s agreement with First on the use of the ftr extends to May 2011. There has been some speculation that the ftr will be switched at that time to another route in the City. This speculation is premature as the Council and First are just starting discussions about more general improvements to bus services across the City and these are unlikely to be concluded before Autumn 2010

Media release on City Strategy Budget

“Car parking charges in York will be held at current levels for the forthcoming year”, says Steve Galloway, as the Councils Strategy budget report is published today. “This should give retailers in York a big boost as many charges – including those at the 70p an hour Fossbank shoppers car park – have already been frozen for the last 3 years.

The Strategy budget plan for 10/11 is aimed at sustaining service levels while recognising and responding to the economic downturn”.  It will be presented to an Executive member decision meeting on 28th January. In the interim residents have the opportunity to make representations about the proposals. Key points from the plan are:

  • Car parking charges frozen for a further year
  • Car parking arrangements more flexible e.g. the 5 hour maximum stay time limit on short stay car parks will be lifted. The only deterrent to long duration occupation will now be financial.
  • New car park ticket machines to be installed which will accept payment by charge and credit card. Machines also allow for “off peak” discount parking rates.
  • The Esplanade car park is to be designated as “short stay”. This is aimed at encouraging use by shoppers traveling from west of City
  • 90% of ResPark charges are being frozen. Small/low emission vehicles will pay £44 a year with eligibility widened to cover vehicles in VED band C. Standard rate continues at £93. New premium rates introduced for large/high emission vehicles (£110).
  • Companions will be able to accompany blind passengers on York buses in future without charge
  • More is to be spent on flood prevention measures
  • Further work is to be done to ensure that the most appropriate vehicle speed limits apply across the City

Savings are being made in the Directorate against a background of a steep reduction in Planning and Building Control applications and hence fee income, which has resulted from the recession.  This could mean some job losses &/or short time working. It is intended to retain sufficient capacity to be able to respond to an upturn in the economy later in the year.For the first time, it is hoped that the elderly persons “free” travel concessions costs will be balanced by government grant.  

York taxpayers have suffered in the past with an estimated cumulative £1 million shortfall in government subsidy. £50 worth of travel tokens will continue to be offered to qualifying people with disabilities as an alternative to a bus pass. Any increase in park and ride fares will be restricted to 10p.

Steve Galloway says, “Once again, central government is transferring responsibilities onto local authorities and imposing additional costs. In the forthcoming year around £500,000 extra will be levied in Landfill waste taxes and in implementing  the mandatory waste management plan.

However I am delighted that we have been able to respond to resident’s requests for a more flexible car parking system. Payment by charge card will be more convenient and the abolition of the stay limit on short stay car parks should encourage visitors to spend longer in our shops and tourist attractions”. Further details of the budget will be made available in the run up to the Executives budget meeting which is scheduled to take place on 16th February. 

More salt bins

Additional salt bins are now in place at the Foxwood Lane shops, outside Windsor House elderly persons home, in the Front Street car park entrance to Gale Farm Court and near St Stephens Mews.

The bin outside the Edmund Wilson swimming pool is now accessible and a replacement bin has been provided on Dijon Avenue

All bins were checked on Saturday and those that need filling have been reported.


We’ve had some very bad weather over the last few days. Most residents have been very understanding and one even started a Facebook site in praise of the work of the Council gritting staff “Support and thanks for York and north Yorkshire’s snow and gritting teams”. The self help salt/grit bins located in the Westfield Ward can be found at the following locations .


Askham Lane Askham Grove End Of Cul De Sac
Askham Lane Vesper Drive Outside 22
Askham Lane Askham Lane Outside 186/188
Askham Lane Askham Lane Entrance To Westfield School
Askham Lane Parker Ave/Hotham Ave
Askham Lane/Chapelfields Grange Lane Opposite 60
Cornlands Cornlands Road Opp White Rose Pub
Cornlands Tennent Road Between 56/61
Cornlands Gale Farm Court Opposite 23
Cornlands Bachelor Hill Near 12
Cornlands Entrance To York High School/Energise
Dringhouses St James Place
Foxwood Pheasant Drive Opp No 14
Foxwood Linnet Way Opp 14/16
Foxwood Bradley Drive Side Of 25
Foxwood Beechwood Glade O/S 1
Foxwood Fir Heath Close O/S 5
Foxwood Askham Croft J/W Waterman Court
Foxwood Otterwood Lane Near J/W Foxwood Lane
Foxwood Foxwood Lane J/W Askham Lane
Foxwood Foxwood Lane Shops (New)
Front Street Entrance/Car Park Gale Farm Court From Front Street (New)
Front Street Chancery Court At Top Of Cul-De-Sac
Before Number 1
Front Street Front Street Outside Vyner House
Front Street Front Street Outside Library
Front Street Howe Street Jcn Severus Street
Front Street Acomb Green Near Junction With St Stephens Mews NEW.
Hob Moor Kingsthorpe Opposite 29/31
Hob Moor Stuart Road/Birch Copse
Hob Moor Danesfort Avenue J/W Middleton Road
Hob Moor Woodford Place Between 4 And 6
Hob Moor Thanet Road O/S Edmund Wilson Swimming Baths

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