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  1. Colin Durrans says:

    Dear Mr Galloway,

    I know you’re not my Councillor but I’m really seeking some help, I’m really concerned about the impact of the Tour de Yorkshire and I’ve seen my complaint cut short at Stage 1 and refused escalation.

    I’m about to write to the Local Government Ombudsman and really hope they can help but I thought I’d share my concerns with you in the hope that issues can be raised. It’s quite clear that the Labour Councillors for Heworth are not interested in representing residents, they appear more interested in the “glossy projects”. This isn’t the first time their engagement has been poor.

    Road Closures for events such as the Tour de Yorkshire come under differing pieces of legislation, I’ve no real issue with the rolling elements that move with the race. The big problem is cutting various areas off from road access for the circuits from 8am to 5pm on a bank holiday weekend.

    The officer has confirmed that they are using Section 16A of Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

    This act requires (8) “When considering the making of an order under this section, an authority shall have regard to the safety and convenience of alternative routes suitable for the traffic which will be affected by the order.”

    Large areas of York, including Heworth / Tanghall where I live, will be without an alternative route. By ignoring this consideration, the road closures have an impact with regard to the Disability Discrimination Act with regard to disabled residents, their parents and carers, having access to goods, services and facilities removed. I believe this is being compounded by poor communication into those affected areas.

    Tanghall residents meeting did not have the Tour de Yorkshire on their meeting agenda and officers attended this with two days “tweet” notice. Affected residents who are not on twitter are not really getting the message to allow them to make alternative plans or raise their concerns.

    We’re seeing a shocking disregard for residents legal rights, with preference given to what’s easy for some event organiser. Cynically I see the organising body and television companies profiting, by means of advertising, from our inconvenience. The routes knock off our bus services and appear to disable Askam Park and Ride.

    I’d be happy to share the correspondence, which broadly leads to “we’ll close what we like, when we like, in the way we like” – no recourse to due process.

    Can you help? Do you want to know more?

    Best regards,

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