Coronavirus York updates; 28th July 2021

Hospital patients and deaths

Hospital patient numbers are continuing to rise with four people now in intensive care. During past waves of the virus, hospital patient numbers have tended to peak about 3 weeks after case numbers reached their maximum.

Taking the start date of the present infection wave as 1st June 2021, there has been one COVID related death of a York resident recorded since then (the hospital death figures above cover a wider geographical area).

The cumulative death toll among York residents remains at 379 following the publication by the government of an update covering the period ending 16th July 2021

Test results

87 positive test results today. Brings the cumulative total to 17,049

Case numbers have reduced by 114; from 749 to 635

The rate /100k population has fallen to 301.51.

The reduction in case numbers is largely following the pattern seen in January. This levelled off after two or three weeks. The decline then became slower for a couple of months. There are early signs that the present sharp reduction in the number of cases in the City may also become less pronounced as we move into August.


Only 4 neighbourhoods with very high infection rates now. Case numbers are reducing in each of them


474 vaccinations were completed yesterday (Tuesday)


  • 7513 PCR tests were completed during the week ending 23rd July.
  • Of these, 9.1% were positive. That is less than the 10.2% positivity found during the previous week.
  • In addition, 1873 “lateral flow” tests were completed on 27th July 2021

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