Coronavirus York updates;18th July 2021

Test results

136 positive test results. Brings the cumulative total up to 16,179.

Case numbers in the City have fallen from 946 to 921

The rate /100k population falls to 437.3. However, a further spike is in the pipeline which will see the rate rise to over 482 on Wednesday


The Dunnington/Elvington/Wheldrake neighbourhood infection rate has risen again. It is now in the highest, above 800, banding. The only other neighbourhood to have had such a high rate during the current surge in case numbers was Heslington/University. The authorities have offered no explanation for the Dunnington spike which has seen case numbers rise from 13 to 56 in a period of just 5 days. The neighbourhood has one of the highest vaccination rates in the City


1139 vaccinations were undertaken yesterday (Saturday)


  • 8337 PCR tests were carried out during the week ending 13th July 2021.
  • Of these, 11.2% were positive. That is less than the 11.5% positivity rate found during the previous period.
  • 1703 “lateral flow” tests were also carried out on 17th July 2021.

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