Coronavirus York updates; 14th July 2021

Hospital patients and deaths

Test results

192 positive test results today. That is the highest single day total found since the January peak. The cumulative total is now 15,575

The number of cases in the City has increased from 871 to 878

The rate /100k population is now 412.14 but it is trending to reach at least 436 over the weekend.

Infection rates are starting to trend upwards again



596 vaccinations were completed yesterday (Tuesday). That is the lowest figure for over two months.

A particularly stupid example of vandalism. One of the direction signs for the Askham Bar vaccination centre has been obscured with paint. It could make access more difficult for people who may later owe their lives to a successful vaccination.

People can make their own decisions about whether to get a jab. Society in general will benefit from the highest possible levels of immunity

Damaged direction sign to the vax. centre on Tadcaster Road. Fortunately there is another sign further along the road.


  • 8323 PCR tests were completed during the week ending 9th July 2021.
  • Of these, 10.8% were positive. That is higher than the 10.7% positivity rate found during the previous period.
  • 2222 “lateral flow” tests were also completed on 13th July 2021

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