Coronavirus York updates; 1st July 2021

Hospital patients and deaths

Small reduction in patient numbers at hospitals today. No further deaths.

The last death of a York resident from COVID related issues occurred 3 weeks ago.

Test results

133 positive test results were announced today. Brings the cumulative total up to 13,936.

The number of cases in the City has risen by 45.

The 156 positive tests recorded on Monday was the highest single day figure seen in the City since 11th January 2021.

The rate /100k population is now 295.81. It is trending to reach 379.38.


Today the table has been augmented to include the latest vaccination figures for each neighbourhood.

As you would expect there is a correlation between high case numbers and low vaccination rates.

The areas with low vaccination rates also have high numbers of people aged under 25 who have, in the main have only been getting their first jab during the last fortnight,


There has been a big increase in the 1st dose vaccination totals for under 25’s


  • 7033 PCR tests were conducted during the week ending 26th June 2021
  • Of these, 8.8% were positive. This represents an increase on the 8.1% positivity found during the previous period.
  • 3617 “lateral flow” tests were also conducted on 30th June 2021.

One thought on “Coronavirus York updates; 1st July 2021

  1. Gwen Swinburn says:

    Really great new table Steve thank you. Re the low take up areas- we are due a report at the next week Outbreak Management Board, where hopefully they can confirm the view re age profiles are part of the problem and what else. There are other concerns which may factor eg hospital workers live in inner wards and some are vaccine shy, is transport an issue- are population numbers accurate -esp this year ( new estimates just published (I think) xtra 1.5 k population across the city.) There are known knowns, known unknowns but how many unknown unknowns!

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