Coronavirus York updates; 30th June 2021

Hospital patients and deaths

The number of patients being cared for by the York Hospital Trust has crept up to 10. There is still one patient in intensive care.

The have been no further COVID deaths. However the death toll in other parts of the country is now creeping up again. There were 13 deaths reported today.

Unlike the positive test result profile (which is overwhelmingly recording infections in under 40’s), it is the older age groups who are still vulnerable to serious illness. Of the 13 recorded deaths, 3 were in the 40 – 59 age group, 4 in the 60 – 79 group while 6 were aged over 80.

Test results

146 positive test results announced today. Brings total up to 13.803

There has been an increase of 71 cases in York (507 up to 578)

The infection rate /100k population is now 274.44. It is trending to reach 350.89.

  • The highest infection rate recorded in the autumn surge was 442.53 (16/10/20)
  • The highest in the winter peak was 670.91 (8/1/21)


Tang Hall has recorded its highest ever case load total exceeding both the autumn and winter peaks.

There has been a small drop in case numbers at Heslington but it remains one of the neighbourhoods with the highest infection rates in the country.

Although the Council haven’t released any updated figures, we understand that large numbers of children in some schools have been sent home to isolate following positive test results in their “bubble”.

York University hasn’t updated its web site since Friday when it recorded that 258 staff and students were self isolating following positive tests.


A record breaking 2899 vaccinations were recorded yesterday. The figure may have been boosted by the, no appointment needed, “grab a jab” initiative which was operating at some surgeries.


  • 6987 PCR tests were undertaken during the week ending 25th June 2021.
  • Of these, 8.1% were found to be positive. That is significantly higher that the positivity rate of 7.1% found during the previous period. NB. At the beginning of the month the positivity rate as as low as 1.2%
  • 2152 “lateral flow” tests were also conducted on 29th June 2021

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