More good work by York Council

Good to see that the nettles which were overgoing the public footpath on Foxwood Lane have been cut back by the Council. The weeds had been reported for attention following an incident when a passing toddler was badly stung.

Cllr Sinmon Daubeney tells us that the next round of weed killing in local gutters will commence on 1st July. It may take around 3 weeks to complete the whole City.

This is useful information for residents to have and could usefully be added to the Councils social media channels along with progress reports on grass cutting, pothole filling, waste collection and other local public services.

The meadow wild flowers that were planted by local residents association volunteers last year are now blooming in the Foxwood Park. They make a useful contribution to the areas pollinator strategy.

We’ve asked the Council to sweep the gutters in Asbourne Way, remove litter for an area in Thoresby Road and fill in a long standing pothole in Ashford Place

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