Coronavirus York updates; 14th June 2021

Hospital patients and deaths

Number of COVID-19 patients being cared for by the York Hospital Trust has increased to 5. There are currently no patients in the intensive care unit.

There have been no further deaths

Test Results

Twenty positive test results announced today. Brings the cumulative total up to 12,628

The number of cases in the City has risen to 108. This pushes the area into a higher infection band. The City last had this high a number of infections at the beginning of March.

The rate /100k population has risen to 51.28. This is the highest infection rate seen in the City since 28th February 2021. The rate continues to trend upwards and will reach 66.5 later in the week.

York remains below the national and regional infection rate levels but case numbers are increasing rapidly


There has been a rise in infection levels in the Tang Hall area This neighbourhood has a large number of student dwellings.


1743 vaccinations were undertaken in the City yesterday (Sunday)


  • 5353 PCR tests were conducted during the week ending 9th June.
  • Of these, 1.9% were positive. That is a significant increase on the 1.6% found during the previous period.
  • In addition, 3384 “lateral flow” tests were also conducted on 13th June.

Changes to rules

In the light of new information which indicates that even some double vaccinated people have been admitted to hospital suffering from the new COVID-19 strain, most current restrictions are likely to remain in place. In York, 25% of adults have still to receive their first dose of vaccine.

No local figures have been released indicating how many of the positive test results have involved double vaccinated residents.

Similarly there has been no information provided on how transmission is taking place, although nationally it appears that contact in the home remains the main infection location.

The government measures are believed to include: 

  • Keep restrictions in pubs that force them to operate table service only, with no queuing at the bar
  • Social distancing rules, including the wearing of masks indoors and on public transport, remain 
  • Working from home guidance remains in place
  • Theatres limited to 50 per cent capacity
  • Nightclubs remain closed
  • Some increased capacity for sports events outdoors 
  • Weddings no longer limited to 30 attendees. They will be allowed to go ahead with as many guests as can be held by the venue under social distancing rules 

The government has also said

  • 23-24 year olds will be able to book their vaccination appointment as soon as tomorrow,
  • By July 19, all adults will have had a first dose.
  • “We will certainly look at what we can do to accelerate second doses for university students”.

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