Coronavirus York updates; 9th June 2021

Hospital patients and deaths

One additional COVID-19 patient being cared for by the Hospital Trust. This bings the total back up to three.

There is now one patient in intensive care; the first placed there for over 10 days.

The latest government figures, covering the period up to 28th May, confirm that there have been no deaths from COVID-19 in any setting in York since April

Test results

Twenty-four new positive test results were announced today. That is the largest for over two months. It brings the total up to 12,518

19 of the “positives” were recorded at tests conducted on Monday. That may be linked to the return to school after the half term. The authorities have not commented so far on the spike. The 19 positive test results are the highest single day figure seen since 8th March – ironically that was the same day as schools re-opened to all pupils

Two additional cases today bring total up to 62. That figure relates to the week ending 4th June and so precedes the surge in case numbers seen this week.

The spike in case numbers means that the case rate /100k is 29.44 and is, unfortunately, trending to reach 39.4 before the end of the week.

The increase in infection rates in York mirrors a similar trend at North Yorkshire, regional and national levels.

A council spokesperson has commented “we have seen the bulk of transmissions occur within homes and between people who do not maintain social distance”


Eleven neighbourhoods now have 3 or more cases


We have heard from the Council who say that they “don’t know” what proportion of the current positive cases in the City had previously received one or two doses of vaccine. Most cases are apparently in the younger age groups and are therefore less likely to have been vaccinated (but the authorities really should know what proportion of victims have had a jab)


  • 4482 PCR tests were conducted during the week ending 4th May 2021
  • Of these, 1.2% were found to be positive. That is less than the 1.3% found during the previous period.
  • In addition, 1735 “lateral flow” tests were conducted on 8th June.

On street testing in York

Council to hand out more tests to York residents

City of York Council has announced the latest streets it will be handing out testing kits to as part of efforts to keep the city safe and open.

Council staff will be once again visiting communities in the city offering testing kits to residents and encouraging them to test themselves twice a week. This will support the Council’s efforts to increase the number of people being tested for COVID to identify symptom-free cases and stop the spread of the virus.

It is not as the result of increased cases in that area or the presence of a variant of concern. It represents the latest drive to make testing more accessible and frequent. As they have done throughout this project, staff will have Council ID cards for identification and will be handing out free tests and advice, so residents will never be asked to pay.

The team will be going out and about on Wednesday 9 June and Friday 11 June this week.

On Wednesday 9 June the teams will visit properties in Eldon Street, Eldon Terrace, Markham Crescent, Neville Street, Neville Terrace, Nelson Street, Stanley Street.

On Friday 11 June the teams will be out on Warwick Street, Walpole Street, Haxby Road north of Walpole Street, White Cross Road, Vyner Street, Fountayne Street, Briggs Street, Scaife Street, Scaife Gardens.

This work further supports Council’s other efforts to get people tested:

  • Continuing to offer testing kits to employers in the city so that staff can get tested.
  • Continuing to offer in-person testing and collection service at the University of York, York St John University, York Leisure Centre at the York Stadium Leisure Complex, Acomb Explore and Foxwood Community Centre.
  • Continuing to offer in-person testing at St William’s College with residents, employees and visitors able to access this service.

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