Petition started to recognise the efforts of key workers in York

Residents are being invited to support a petition which would see the “Freedom of the City of York” offered to NHS York in recognition of the work undertaken by all key workers during the pandemic.

The petition reads

In recognition of the work undertaken by professionals, key workers and volunteers during the Coronavirus pandemic in York, the City Council is asked to offer the Freedom of the City to NHS York.

This is a simple way for the City of York to say “thank you” to the many people who have “gone the extra mile” during the very challenging circumstances of the last year. It is suggested that recognition of key NHS staff is one way of highlighting the work of all key sector workers in the City. 

The granting of the Freedom of the City is an ancient privilege most often exercised when recognising military units. The last  award was made in 2015 to the Queens Gurka Signals.

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