Coronavirus York updates; 18th May 2021


There were no further deaths at the York Hospital Trust yesterday.

The latest government figures confirm that there were no deaths of York residents during the week ending 7th May. This means that the total death toll for York remains at 378

Test results

The government has corrected its published test results table. In effect, it appears to have removed some “false positives”. The effect is that the cumulative case figure for York is now 12,339.

The number of cases in the City has fallen from 38 yesterday to 32 today.

The rate /100k population is 15.19. It is expected to fall further when tomorrows figures are confirmed.


Eleven neighbourhoods now have no cases.


  • 63.3% of York adults have now had their first vaccination
  • 34.5% have also had their second jab


  • 4398 PCR tests were carried out in York during the week ending 13th May.
  • Of these 0.6% were positive. This is lower than the 0.7% recorded during the previous period
  • 3178 “lateral flow” tests were also conducted on 17th May.


Only one COVID-19 patient is now being cared for by the York Hospital Trust.

COVID-19 management Board meeting tomorrow

This meeting is being webcast

Meeting webcasts – City of York Council click to access at 5:30pm Wednesday 19th May

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