Woodland wanderings

The York Council concludes its consultation, on the layout of the new forest planned for agricultural land near Knapton, on 19th May.

The plans continue to be semi detached from economic realities with the options being presented to residents lacking proper costings or identified sources of funding.

A report published in December 2020 (click) promised that funding streams would be identified before commitments were made. Such information as is available is apparently being presented only to “behind closed doors” project board meetings.

Added to the initial failure to produce a food production vs afforestation environmental appraisal, this is an unsatisfactory situation

Residents are still waiting to hear an updates on a promised second – urban – wood that the Council announced 18 months ago.

It was said to be located near to the inner ring road. Such a site would be hugely expensive although the Council has, very recently, agreed to purchase land between the railway line and the river in the Leeman Road area.

Hopes that community woodland would be provided on land located between the built up area and the ring road/A1237, seem to be fading.

This would have provided genuinely accessible local green space – the lack of which in some areas became very apparent during the recent lockdown.

Some tree planting, as part of the dualling of part of the A1237, has been promised.

2 thoughts on “Woodland wanderings

  1. Roger Pierce says:

    I’ve been told that the land to be purchased is that of the riverside path parallel to Leeman Road. Which was previously leased by the council. So no additional POS involved, however, welcome.

    • Well Roger, the Council’s Executive agreed to purchase the Leeman Road/River land at its meeting on 22nd April 2021. The minute says “That the acquisition of land adjoining Scarborough Bridge to ensure the future availability and improvement of the riverside path be approved, at a cost of £150k from the York Central enabling budget”. No mention of it being part of the tree planting plan. May need a safety audit given the vulnerability of some users of the path?

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