Coronavirus York updates; 24th April 2021


There have been no further hospital deaths announced today

Test results

13 additional positive test results announced today. That is the highest for some weeks. The 12 positive tests recorded on Thursday was the highest single day figure recorded for a month.

The cumulative total is now 12,223.

The number of cases has increased from 31 yesterday to 37 today

The rate /100k population figure has risen to 17.57.

Unfortunately we seem to be seeing an upward trajectory with a rate of over 22 likely to be seen over the next few days.


There are now 5 neighbourhoods with above average infection rates. The biggest increase has been in the City Centre which currently has 7 cases.



3,936 PCR tests were conducted during the week ending 19th April

Of these, 0.7% were positive; the same proportion as the previous day.

In additional 1721 “lateral flow” tests were also conducted.

As York opens up, please stay safe says Council

This week represented a major step forward for York as shops, gyms, hairdressers and pub gardens opened their doors welcoming residents and visitors alike.

While infections rates remain low, the council is still asking all those enjoying our city to stay safe and help protect those around them.

You can play your part by:

  • Washing and sanitising your hands regularly
  • Wearing a face covering in busy public spaces, and respecting the measures put in place by businesses
  • Maintaining social distancing whenever possible
  • Following the rule of six for two households
  • Taking a COVID test twice a week. You can arrange to collect a testing kit or book an in-person appointment onlineAll Adults are now eligible for these tests symptom-free
  • Download the NHS COVID-19 app, available for both Android and iOS phones

Councillor Keith Aspden, Leader of York City Council said:

We are now nearly two weeks into the new measures and I want to thank everyone for their efforts to keep the city safe and ask people to keep going.

“The return of many retail, leisure and outdoor hospitality businesses has been an important step forward towards normal life, and we are thankful for the efforts of our local businesses and communities in helping to keep both residents and visitors to our city as safe as possible.

“Our efforts must continue if we are to retain the progress we’ve made together and move further along the roadmap. I would urge all those of secondary school age or older to continue to get tested twice a week while practising hands, face, space and to meet with those we don’t live with outside.”

Sharon Stoltz, Director of Public Health, City of York Council said:

“Businesses, communities and public institutions have done vital work in protecting the most vulnerable members of our community.

Infection rates across York are currently stable, but ensuring the continued recovery of our city will require us all to redouble our efforts and not rest on our laurels.

“Hands, face, space, fresh air remain vital in our fight against the virus. As is getting tested twice a week and answering the call for the vaccine when it arrives.”

Road repairs programme for York finally published – mixed news.

The programme of repairs to York’s highways network, that will take place during 2021/22, has finally been published. The programme is usually agreed in February. Work has already started on some of the listed schemes.

There is some mixed news in the report which was approved at a “behind closed doorsmeeting apparently held on 23rd April.

The highways maintenance programme (which includes not just carriageway and footpath repairs but also drainage, street lighting, City Walls, flood alleviation etc,)  is one of the services which most interest residents, the programme has been delegated for officer determination for some years. Thus, the reports are not subject to scrutiny and alternative ways of allocated the budget are not publicly debated.

One key sentence in the report sums up the dilemma faced by the Council.

“Notwithstanding previous levels of investment the current funding levels are not sufficient to keep all our assets in their current condition”.

In effect, the Council has decided to focus resurfacing works on busy roads. Most side roads are being left to crumble.

Some work scheduled for 20/21, including the whole of the micro patching programme in Woodthorpe, has been delayed into the current financial year.

There is some good news.

Several long term problem locations in west York, including parts of Foxwood Lane, Askham Lane near the  A1237 intersection,  The Green, Bradley Lane near Rufforth, the low numbered end of Gale Lane and Thanet Road are scheduled to be resurfaced this year.

But there is no allocation for repairs on School Street and the surrounding area behind the Front Street shops, nor at many other sub-urban locations.

No footpaths in the Westfield area will be resurfaced.

There is no mention in the programme of the repairs needed to off-road cycle track infrastructure nor is there any listing of how the £1 million delegated “ward budgets” will be spent.

 £877,000 of the latter budget, due to be invested last year, is being carried over into the current year. At the very least residents should be given the opportunity to influence how that section of the budget is spent.

All in all its seems that the decline in maintenance standards is set to continue for another year.