Coronavirus York updates; 6th March 2021


No additional hospital deaths announced today

Test results

Twelve additional positive test results were announced today. Brings the cumulative total up to 11,942.

As forecast, the rate /100k population figure has edged up to 55.08 today. This is still the second lowest infection rate recorded since last September.

The rate is expected to fall to around 50 tomorrow.

Todays total (116) represents an increase of four cases from yesterdays figure (112)

The current weekly case rate number is better than was seen at the end of the second wave in December. The second wave trough was 17.43 (8/12/20). The current equivalent figure is 16.57.


Ten neighbourhoods now have fewer than 3 cases in each

The largest day on day increase in case numbers was in the Clifton Without and Skelton neighbourhood.

There has been a big reduction in cases in North Yorkshire which now has a rate below 50 for the first time this year..


People aged 56 and over can now book for their first jab. The Askham Bar vaccination centre expects to increase activity next week following an additional supply of vaccines.

All over 50’s will be vaccinated by the middle of April.


4209 PCR tests were conducted in York during the week ending 1st March 2021.

Of these, 2.7% were positive. That was a slight increase on the previous day (2.6%)

3027 “lateral flow” tests were also conducted on 5th March

Tests are available at the Thanet Road Rugby Club car park site on each Monday and Tuesday during March between 9am & 3pm.

Please book a test by visiting: or calling 119 and selecting the option that you were asked to attend by your local council.

Pollution levels still low in York

Air quality remains good, and pollution levels very low, on Gillygate and at other monitoring sites in the City.

Traffic levels are, however, higher than were recorded during lockdown 1 last spring. They are likely to increase further from Monday when there will be a general return to school.

It will be April before shops and offices reopen.

Council plans to reduce road capacity at the Gillygate/St Leonard’s Place/ Bootham junction seem ill timed and insufficiently thought through.

The plans could increase congestion by 30%. That would delay bus services including the vital park and ride links.

In the meantime, residents can monitor hour by hour pollution levels by clicking this link

Meanwhile we understand that the Council will delay its assessment of the effects of road closures in The Groves area.

A review was due in the spring.

They are right to delay as traffic volumes and movements have been untypical during the Lockdown period.

However, it does mean that a reassessment of some of the more questionable aspects of the scheme – such as contraflow cycle routes – will remain in place as traffic volumes and safety hazards increase.

There have been no queues involving deer or cattle in The Groves during recent months