Coronavirus York updates; 25th February 2021


There has been one further hospital death announced today. It occurred on Tuesday

Test results

SIXTEEN additional positive test results today bringing the cumulative total to 11,805

The rate /100k population figure has risen to 73.60. Further increases are in the pipeline for the next few days

Todays figures reflect an increase of two cases which brought the weekly average (on 20/2/21) up to 155 from 153

Comparing daily average case numbers towards the end to Wave 2 (early December) with today shows a similar trend.

Both periods show a spike in case numbers . Wave 2 figures subsequently fell away to 17.43 before steadily rising again as Christmas approached.

This weeks spike has been more pronounced. All eyes will be on trends next week as the easing of restrictions on schooling gets closer.

There has been a small reduction in case numbers in North Yorkshire.


The case rate in Huntington has doubled over the last 5 days. The neighbourhood has now crept back above the 200 case benchmark

Five neighbourhoods have below 3 cases in each


Over 60’s are now being vaccinated at Askham Bar. You need to book an appointment via the NHS web site


4386 PCR tests were carried out in York during the week ending 20th February

Of these 3.6% were positive. That is an increase from the previous days figure of 3.4%

1533 “lateral flow” tests were carried out on 24th February


There are now 71 COVID-19 patients being cared for by the York Hospital Trust. Ten are in intensive care. Both represent a reduction on previously published figures.

The Trust has discharged 1984 COVID patients since the start of the pandemic

Limited progress on pothole repairs

Of six highway defects reported on Saturday, the Council has agreed to address only two of them.

Further work is promised on Gladstone Street and School Street.

Elsewhere it seems there is no prospect of repairs on Walker Drive, Vincent Way, Hotham Avenue or Lowfields Drive

The Council seems to be no closer to bitmacing the small section of verge on Kingsway West, near Newbury Avenue, which has been subject to overrun damage for over 5 years now

We understand that the Council is considering using the little Green Lane garage area as a compound during housing modernisation works. A storage unit has already appeared there

Work on new Foss barrier progressing

Work on the replacement Foss barrier is progressing again as river levels fall.

The huge new gate was lifted into place last month

The original barrier was installed in 1987 but was overwhelmed in the 2015 floods.

A new pumping house has been installed along with the barrier and improved banking.

The cost of the project is put at £37 million.

In a separate scheme, the nearby “Blue Bridge” cycle and pedestrian facility was also refurbished last year.

The Romans are leaving

See the source image

The Councils planning committee have rejected plans to establish a Roman visitor attraction on the lower floor of a block of flats on Rougier Street. The building would have replaced the (rather less than iconic) “Northern House” 60’s office block.

Opponents of the scheme cited the building’s size and the lack of affordable housing units to justify their decision.

The developers now have the options of appealing against the decision, submitting fresh plans or walking away from the City.