Mission Impossible 2

The black farce that is the York Local Plan process has taken a step sideways.

A letter from the appointed inspectors has ordered the Council to consult on the recent changes it has made to documents which should by now have been formally approved and implemented.

The consultation will take up to 6 weeks to complete.

It can only start as and when the Council gets round to publishing details of the latest changes that it proposes to make to the City’s Green Belt boundaries.

The Inspectors letter can be read by clicking here.

The letter concludes by saying that the examination in public will not recommence until June at the earliest. It will probably be held as a “virtual” (on-line) meeting.

We have said before, the Local Plan process is fundamentally flawed.

It is based on the proposition that it is possible to predict the economic and social changes which will occur over a 20 year period.

BREXIT and the pandemic have put paid to that notion.

We would all struggle to predict how the York economy will look this time next year, let alone in 2040.

Yet the Local Plan could see vast swathes of the City blighted as planners seek to allocate sites to house 790 additional families each year.  

That level of job growth to support such inward migration is simply is not going to happen in the  post pandemic world.

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