Coronavirus York updates; 10th January 2021

Deaths and test results

ONE additional death announced by the York Hospital Trust today. It occurred on Friday. Total number of fatalities since 1st September is now 178

TWO HUNDRED AND TEN (210) positive test results announced today. Brings the cumulative total up to 9111.

Rate /100k population is 186.1, slightly down on yesterday. However, it will trend up to 196.7 over the next few days.

The effects of the lockdown should be apparent before the end of the week. The growth rate in infections is already slowing.

Peak was the 245 cases seen on 4th January.

Case numbers over the 7 days to 5th January are down to 1303 from the 1319 recorded on 4th January. Similar reductions were seen at national, regional and county level.

Case numbers in the Woodthorpe/Acomb Park neighbourhoods have fallen for a second day.

Highest rates are recorded

in Westfield/Chapelfields and Clifton Without.


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