York’s new stadium complex completed

City of York Council and operators GLL have confirmed that the LNER Community Stadium complex has been completed.

The project was agreed by the Council in 2008 with the original intention of opening the facility in 2012. At that time it had been expected that the section 106 contribution from the developers of the Vanguard shopping centre would have covered all the costs of the new stadium.

The reality is that taxpayers now face a £15 million+ bill.

There is likely to be an inquiry into how costs have escalated at the stadium. Even the taxpayers contribution agreed in 2017 (above) may be exceeded

Nevertheless the stadium will be a welcome addition to the City’s facilities, although it remains unclear when all services located there will actually be up and running.

York City’s next home fixture is scheduled to take place on 28th December.

The Council has issued a media statement saying that, with the final safety checks complete, the council and GLL will formally take control of the site from the building contractors on Friday 18 December.

The council and GLL are now working with partners to make sure residents benefit from the many sports, services and facilities it will host as soon as possible.

These include:

  • an 8,500 seater stadium for York City Football Cub and York City Knights
  • a community hub, including a library and community offices for York’s sports clubs
  • York Against Cancer shop and offices
  • NHS outpatient services
  • new swimming facilities, gym, dance studio and sports hall with spectator seating

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